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It's here!!!!!! OMG 😍Sooo excited to finally try this new line to help improve my skin(firmness & elasticity),promote healthy aging of skin and support quality of skin!! Yess please! 🙌🏻After becoming a mama, my skin has changed so I am excited to see my results! There is also the GLOW hair & nails 💅🏼which will help with growth of your hair and nails as well as strengthen them! Time to start feeling pretty on the inside and out 💖 #getupandglow #advomama #timetogetmyglowon #beautyfromwithin #youareworthit #healthandwellness #well
TGIF! We've processed all orders. You should be receiving them tomorrow or early next week. Have a great weekend!

Got yours yet?
🍃 - Your one-stop natural essential goodness from your favorite brands!

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We went out to dinner tonight to Plum Bistro on Pike and 12th. I have never had a better experience and better vegan burger ever. Kale Caesar Burger with fries and a Ginger something or other Brulé for dessert 🤤 #vegan #vegansofinstagram #vegancommunity #veganism #vegandinner #vegandessert #veganrestaurant #veganseattle #downtown #Seattle #pikestreet #plum #steviewonder #healthychoices #healthyfood #healthandwellness #healthyeating
Happy New Moon 💖🌼✌ A new moon is an opportunity to think about your life. A time to set new intentions and goals.  To set your vision.
It is a time for new beginnings, to focus on positive and loving intentions. A time to create what you dream. A fresh positive start. Make room for all that is to come. 💖🌙⭐ #aromatherapy #massage #aromatherapymassage #essentialoils #healing #theraputic #healthandwellness #spiritual #selfcare #love #newmoon #newbeginnings #positive #compassion #kindness #empathy #vancouverisland #comoxvalley #courtenay #comox
☮️💟Life’s so precious, embrace it, cherish the people and your pets around you. Be kind, grateful and loving. Be happy, live life to the fullest, laugh out loud, make your stomach hurt filled with joy, love like no other, have passion. Fill your life with so many beautiful things. Take time to breath and absorb the silence, love the natural beauty on this earth. Say thank you. Don’t expect others to always understand you. Know you won’t always get what you put out in the universe back by others and be ok with it, except that’s just how it is. Find you. Be at peace with yourself and the world. Know you were enough in this life and will continue to be. Do good little deeds for others. Love and except yourself and others. Stand tall, take pride, let go of ego. Cuddle and kiss, be free and silly, enlighten one another, engage in brilliant conversations, make time for one another no matter how big or small the gesture, travel the world however you feel fit, stay open minded, listen, respect and communicate. Surpass all your fears and go for the gusto. Dream big! Live this beautiful life! Dance, sing, just be you! Hold onto those warm fuzzy memories and keep making new ones! Touch someone else’s life. Be selfless. Hug, encourage, enlighten someone, give someone your time, lend a helping hand, make time to let them know they are important. Have a beautiful connection, welcome romance into your life. Have amazing wonderful friendships and family. Know your self worth, take pride in it. If you fall dust yourself off and get back up. Be the hardest worker in the room. Take care of yourself. Put a smile on someone’s face. Be humble. Have faith, be spiritual, let it shine! Have no regrets in this life. Because life is precious!☮️💟 Thank you for visiting my page. Enjoy your day, your amazing!💜 #peaceandlove #humbleandkind #goodvibes #love #happy #artist #healthandwellness #screenwriter #producer #director #nutrition #workhard #loveyourpets #nature #instadaily #instagood #friends #family #spiritual #faith #actor #fitness #zen #god #healthylifestyle #worldpeace #passion #celebrate #dreambig #lifesabeautifulthing
🎥 it sounds easy,but for some reason its not. 🌼I know because nothing is easy🎥
For the first time in days I laughed today. And I mean, LAUGHED. Laughing so hard that tears started falling, with a few snorts in there even. Uncontrollable, genuine laughter. And it felt SO GOOD.
When I put the Boy to bed this evening, he requested a silly song to which I rolled my eyes... and he then proceeded to sing it to me. But in a weird little voice that was cracking me up!!
I tried to hold back the giggles, but the effort was futile. Then my giggles triggered his giggles which then made me giggle even more. Then the giggles turned into full out hard core LOLing 😂🤣
I guess you needed to be there ☺️
During stressful times I often forget that something as simple as a good laugh with my 8-year-old can be so good for the soul. I think we could all use the reminder to #laughmore 💗
As I got ready for bed this evening I put these two oils in my #diffuser and gazed at this picture my son drew... he said it was me and him ☺️ I sure do love that kid, and I love how much he makes me laugh 😁 #livewellbeawesome
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I remember taking that picture on the left almost three years ago. It was almost spring, the weather was getting warmer, and none of my warm weather clothes really fit. I had an almost 3yr old, a 9mo old, and was trapped in wardrobe limbo.😒👚👙 Too big for my pre-baby clothes, too small for my maternity clothes. The feelings of frump started to set in and some pretty ugly, super unhealthy eating habits had started rearing their ugly heads again. I didn't have much confidence or feelings of self worth at that point. But I had hope. See just a few weeks before I snapped that shot I'd met another mama of two who had a radiance and confidence about her that I yearned for.😍✨ She invited me to join a group of ladies on Facebook who were also fighting the frump with home workouts, daily dense nutrition, and a simple portion control system. I jumped in full force and never looked back!! I've gone through seasons of total dedication all the way to completely falling off track. But no matter how far I fell, this community has never left my side and is always waiting with open arms when I'm ready to get back up!!!!! My mission is to pay that forward and give each and every one of you that same level of support and accountability that has propelled me to places I never believed I was physically or mentally capable of!!! Don't wait for the time to be right, the time is NOW!!!! For more details follow the link in my bio and complete a quick questionnaire! #throwbackthursday #clubwellandfit
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Acupressure stimulates the body to cure itself. And can even boost your sex life!
Defined as an ancient healing art that uses the fingers to gradually press key healing points, Acupressure relieves energy blockages. 🤚
The energy flow in your body affects everything — how you feel, how you think, and how you breathe.
While negative thoughts can block your energy flow, positive thoughts can increase your healing energy. These energy blockages occur at the acupressure points.
Acupressure Therapy is renowned for its ideal for self-treatment and preventive health care by boosting the immune system.
* Release tension
* Increase circulation
* Reduce pain
* Develop spirituality and vibrant health
Acupressure uses gentle to firm finger pressure in the pressure points and meridians much like acupuncture does with the use of needles. ✋️
As these acupressure points are stimulated, muscular tension releases, circulation of blood is promoted, and the body’s life force energy is enhanced to aid in healing.
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Never give up. Stay focused, stay positive, and stay strong. @sam_paino90

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