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It’s not every day my practice gets a surprise visitor 😻😚
Decided to work some core after getting home from yoga this morning with this #tripod #headstand #inversion. Still not quite strong enough to get off the wall but so #proud of my #progress thus far. ✌️🙏❤️
With a little imagination, the rain that is currently ticking on my window, almost sounds the same as the ocean in the Maldives... It was only a week ago - feels like forever🤤 #takemeback #maldives #nevernotyoga #headstand
The point in pregnancy when my belly even hangs out of my maternity shirts 🙃💕 A big belly means this baby is almost in our arms and we're SO darn excited! For now, I'll put on extra long tanks and keep baking this sweet love bug until he or she is ready to come out and meet us 💙💕
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Sunset is an opportunity for us to reflect and give gratitude for all the little joys that the universe brings us in a day
#Spoopyoga Day 6 #Headstand "It takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!" -Mad Hatter

Thank you @hoopyogi
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Esta mañana cuando sonó el despertador estaba segura que me quedaría en cama, un café después estaba lista para el #gym
Ahora sintiéndome muy bien, satisfecha con el esfuerzo hecho.
#training #morningflow #yoga #getstrong #headstand #asana #yogalove #yogapractise #fitness
Happy Saturday!! Another day down on my @nikkirica #NikkiFitApp, which included RUNNING (which I hate 😩), but I finished it and then practiced some head stands! This has been a fun week of tracking my calorie output, and posting my numbers have really held me accountable 🎉
#nikkirica #saturday #cardio #running #headstand #yogaeverydamnday #yoga #yogi #inversions #thoseleggingstho #fitness #fitmom #fitchick #fall #october #saturday #happysaturday #weekendvibes #followmefitness #fitnessfollow #strongmom #myzonemoves @myzonemoves #metabolicnutrition @metabolicnutrition 🏃🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️#calories #caloriesburned 🔥🔥🔥
I love fall but to be honest, it always reminds me that winter is coming, and for me, winter ushers in the existential dread. The seasonal depression, less light and more darkness. I have to begin setting boundaries for myself now, early, because in the last 5 years I’ve learned if I don’t set myself up now, I’m going to spiral into that darkness. My daily yoga practice is a daily deposit into my mental health account. I start self care rituals now, before it’s too late. For me, that’s spending more time alone, releasing attachments, letting go of expectations and criticism. In the past it’s included therapy, medications and exercise. No matter what tools I use, it’s hard work but depression runs deep throughout all sides of my family, so I make a plan, get disciplined and roll up my sleeves now. I make a daily deposit so I can draw from it later, when it’s needed most. Love to you all, all your dark and light 🙏🏻
Harjoittelut jatkuu, kun salille ei pääse niin keksitään sitte muuta 😎 #headstand #startters

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