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Last week I watched @charelise pray for the storms to pass from our tiny AirBnB home in #akureyri #iceland. She wanted to see the Northern lights. That night got the most spectacular light show. In Barcelona, (besides our hunt for vegan food) she wanted dope shoes for our cruise (and shoes for our mom) and boy oh boy did we walk through a mezzanine (miles and miles) of shoe stores. I didn't get to take any pics because we shopped all day and I had to stay vigilant. Lots of crazy things on the news about Barcelona but we didn't experience any of that. I just got one failed pick pocket attempt and Char got two girls trying to steal from her. She flat out looked at the hoes and said "what the fuck!!" Flipped her hair and they got scared. Clearly, they have no idea what the Oakland emblem on her hat means.We were in Starbucks. She had to get me coffee while I pitched 2 clients. 😂😂 I was slightly amused. These folks don't know we hella hood. 🤺

Anyhoo, her manifesting skills are definitely getting stronger. Def amplified while traveling. Lol we got our rest finally. I wonder what she'll manifest next. #iceland #france #spain #ontothenextone #northernlights #wanderlust #manifest #lovenotviolence #travelnotguns #learnotherlanguages #👽#honeymooners #hdriphone #nofilter #colorspopiniceland #makeryourwomanhappy #openpresentseveryday #myqueen #barcelona #spain #
This day, this concert, this photo..🖤 I need to share with the world. 😂

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