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Happy 13th birthday to my tail. From the moment she popped outta her momma, it’s been an adventure having her practically attached at my hip. @duh._.torii no matter how much you may annoy me like a little sister does, you’ll always be my tail. And I’ll always be right beside you for whatever. #hbdvic #lildrakelovinass
Concerts are like really fun so you wanna film them.... but then you can’t watch the videos because all you can hear is your own painful singing voice #chanceamakeyadance #hbdvic #millennials #and #their #phones
Whoever said that diamonds are a girl's best friend clearly never met my beautiful girls (including @imogen_b8 @maddymartiin & @emilyjeanbox) 💕#hbdvic
Tbt to when your grandpa got us drunk when you were 13. LOVE YOU SIS😍 #hbdVic
Happy Birthday to this lovely lady ♥️ Thank you for always being kind, loving, silly, down to earth and just an all around amazing friend! Wishing you the best year yet. I can't wait to stand up there with you while you marry your bestfriend! I love you to the moon and back! 😘😘😘 #hbdvic #fellowpenguinlover #bestfriend #wesharemichaelbjordan #loveher
Feels good to be back in the LBC 🤙🏼 #HBDVic
3 cheers to this smartie/hottie buddy of mine! Cheers to your 21 years of living, cheers to Shark Week, and cheers to the Periodic Table of Elements! #HBDvic
Nothing is quite as painful as paying $30 for one drink....but man what a lit weekend with the best #hbdvic #missingourfia