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Kad' si🐖pa naručiš salatu ne bi li ti savjest bila mirnija a ova travurina od salate ni za ku*ac😑
Konobar, vraćaj ovo, daj ćevape! #nosaladlovershere #hatediets #pizzaislove #miami2017 #vacay #drinkdrankdrunk #TeaInAmerica #jebenasalata
Really excited for our new product coming out! Perfect for garnish on soups, salads, rice dishes, and even on Kuwait's favorite past time... inside a delcious fst juicy hamburger 🤣🍔 Can you tell im food deprived?!?!? #hatediets
Literally shaking shoulders down...what a workout today!!! Needed a rest day yesterday and am DRENCHED today!!! 3 weeks left in program and going to dial in the given nutrition plan and submit my results!!! It's been a goal of mine to win the $$$ for the hard work this last year and love the milestone free gifts 🎁 given when I finish a program!!! Incentive for making myself and health for family a priority!!! Would that help you?! Join me in Nov!!!!
At what point do you not crave everything under the sun 😭🐷 #hatediets #justatecheeseAGAIN
💕 Lifestyle Change 💕

Tamara is doing amazing on her #TripleThreat Journey!! She is not only changing her life but others as well!! Down 64 pounds and still going!! So are you ready to get healthy and sexy back!?? #TeamHeartwell wants to help you! Stop waiting and let’s connect today!! 😍😘
Right Now Im hungry and so cranky. I want CARBS! I don’t like eggs, meat, lettuce or olives any more! But I have to! Those kilos has to go! #weightloss #cravings #hatediets #imnogoodatthis #foodlover #depression
Chocolate cat. 초콜렛 고양이. ❤ I wanted to practice my Korean with the store owner so of COURSE I had to buy something. ;)

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