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Pt. 186
“Guess what!?” I burst though my apartment door, startling Harry to the point where he dropped the mug of tea in his hand and sent the hot liquid flying. “What the fuck is wrong with you!?” He yelled even as he laughed, stopping to clean up the mess. “Leave it, I don’t care. Guess what just happened!” I was practically vibrating with enthusiasm and Harry chuckled at me as he cleaned up the mess, simultaneously asking, “What just happened?” He wasn’t fully paying attention until I said, “I ran into my dad again.” Then his head snapped up like a gofer out of a hole. “What? When? Where? How did it go?" I really appreciated his enthusiasm and the fact that he let the spilt tea go so he could sit with me on the floor giving me his complete and undivided attention. "I went to a boutique down by his office and when I was walking back home I literally ran right into him, knocked me on my ass and everything." I explained as I sat down cross legged on the floor. "You have a knack for doing that to him." Harry chuckled. "He helped me up and we talked a little and he recognized me, said I looked really familiar and asked if I worked nearby. I had to quick lie about a bagel shop so remind me to find a decent bagel place near his office in case I run into him again and he asks. But, Harry, oh my god he was so easy to talk to this time. There was nothing awkward or weird about it other than the fact that my hands were shaking like a leaf the whole time. He laughed and he smiled and everything about him was just...warm. I felt so warm standing there for five minutes talking to him and I just...I needed that." I let it all out in a rush but he listened carefully and understood every word, smiling at me. "I'm so happy that it wound up working for you. What did you talk about?" He replied as he started cleaning up again. "Actually...this." I reached for the bag with the onesie and handed it to him. "I found this little baby boutique online and went in to get something for the baby. I know Taylor isn't going to be happy about it but you can just tell her you bought it or maybe Anne. I just thought...I don't know..."
User Image runawayimagination Posted: Nov 20, 2017 12:43 AM (UTC)
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Pt. 185
I walked down the street following the directions on my phone until I arrived at the boutique I was looking for. It was small, only part of the first floor of a brownstone with the rest housing a pet store, but it was exactly what I wanted. It was packed and I felt slightly overwhelmed until I found one item I simply had to have. “Do you have other sizes in this?” I asked the salesperson as I examined the item. “What size were you looking for?” She asked, coming around the counter to help me. “Umm...I’m not sure. What’s the smallest size? It’s not born yet so I don’t know how big it’ll be.” I replied and luckily she just chuckled. “Zero to three months is probably a safe bet then. Let me go to the back and see if I have any extras. Give me a minute.” The sales lady left and I milled about a while longer looking at all the various baby supplies and trinkets. They had everything from onesies and toys to hair bows and tiny nail clippers. “You’re in luck, I’ve got only one more left.” The sales lady reappeared with the onesie in question and a smile. “So when are you due?” She asked as she went about checking me out. “Excuse me?” “When’s the baby due? It’s yours, right?” “Oh umm...” I debated for a second just saying it was but then I sighed and said, “It’s complicated.” Luckily she just chuckled and said, “I figured.” while bagging the onesie that read ‘Best Oops Ever’ and taking my money. When I left the store I still felt this strange desire to go back and tell her the baby wasn’t mine but that I’d be just as apart of it’s life as it’s real parents, but I kept walking. It wasn’t my baby and it never would be, and surely if Taylor was given a say in it I’d never even meet the baby. It would be messy and complicated but I was confident that we’d be able to make it work. Somehow. “Oops!” The second I turned the corner I hit a man like a brick wall and fell backwards, my bag clattering to the floor, sending the onesie onto the pavement. The curse that left my lips was unnecessarily loud and the hand that reached to help me up was undeniably familiar. “No fucking way.”
User Image myyharryy Posted: Nov 20, 2017 12:31 AM (UTC)
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He needs to start wearing Jerseys out in public again