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I’m so glad finally I reread Harry Potter J.K.Rowling and fell in love with them again. They were still magical for me. They will be able a huge part of my kids’childhood Elena & Megan& Markus. Especially for my warrior-Megan ❤️the girl who live -like -Harry Potter❤️the boy who live #booklover #bookclub #harrypotter #harrypotterandthesorcerersstone #jkrowling #childhood #childrensbooks
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They really became the epitome of their characters!! 😍❤️💙💛💚🖤
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Look what I found! Was going to donate an old, unused photo album to Goodwill and thought I should probably flip through the pages first in case there was anything in there-- it was empty, except for this movie ticket stub (purchased the day that advance tickets went on sale, almost 2 weeks before the premiere), which had been tucked between the pages. I still remember the thrill and excitement of that night, nearly 16 years ago.

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