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If your a movie fan you may notice this area is from sons of anarchy, fast n furious, terminator and others... #harborcruise #movielocations #movies #longbeach
bfun3 21h ago
Wish I could stop in New York on my way back tomorrow to give my favorite city girl(s) a hug! ⚓️🗽#harborcruise #missmygirl❤️ #citypeople #newyorkharbor #boatlife
I’m a sucker for a beautiful skyline. Oh, and I got to see it from the ocean! I’d say today was a good day. 🛥🌊 #seattleskyline #harborcruise #quayhighkey
Sometimes, as a temp chef you get some really weird phonecalls that turn into really awesome shifts.
I had just gotten home on Saturday, I hadn't even walked through my front door when I got a call asking if I'd be able to work that evening. He gave me a start time, an address, and finished off by asking if I got sea sick, because I'd be going on a boat.
I haven't been on a boat since I left Awaroa, so this was going to be interesting.
I rocked up to the address, got given the keys to a van, and given a quick briefing and off I went to the harbour to catch a boat. I rocked up, got everything on the boat and then setting things up. The guests arrived shortly after and off we went. As soon as we left the harbour the swell hit, and boy was it a bitch of a swell. I don't get sea sick.. At least, not when I'm sitting down.. Running around the arse end of a boat trying to get a buffet sorted while it pitches like a roller coaster on steroids? Different story. I felt queasy, really queasy.
Eventually the boat drifted to a halt, and dinner got served. The guests were amazing. Cracking jokes, being overly polite, not rude in the slightest. Really awesome people. I ended up having a really good chat with a few of them.
After dinner was done and dusted, I was able to enjoy the rest of the cruise, it took us around Purau bay, into the dock at Diamond harbour, and then back to port in Lyttleton.
It was one hell of a night. Really awesome experience. .
#cheflife #chefsofinstagram #harborcruise #imonaboat #newzealand #wandern #wanderlust #boat #buffet
Girls enjoying a beautiful day on the harbor... getting a little taste of the yachting life... Happy Birthday O’Neil! #harborcruise #birthdayparty #littleloves #foreversisters #blessedlife #happygirls #newportbeach

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