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Despite what some people may have said along my journey in the beginning, i always remember why I started 4 years ago.. Here is me today.. Happy, healthy, THRIVING, proud of what I do & now growing a little human & feeling the best I've ever felt inside & OUT!
Thank YOU Herbalife Nutrition. 💚

The greatest WEALTH you'll ever have Beautie's is your HEALTH. Be the best version of you every single day, little bit by little bit adds up to alot when you look back reflect how far you've truly come.
Intention setting for the gorgeous week ahead. Join me in happiness, I dare ya!
Take me back to the place where the champagne sparkles, eyes glimmer, and the sensual and salacious combine for one unforgettable evening.
We had so much fun at the #blancdeblanc show over the weekend on the #goldcoast. If you get a chance to see it, please do as it’s on until Nov 12 at Spiegeltent Gold Coast’s new home of Broadwater Parklands.
But now… coffee!
Monday status: hiding in bed with oats hoping it will go away 😂
2ahg3m 3m ago
#happymonday !! The detailing on the cuff by #whit_champa is simply #glorious💞💞... the hardest design is often the simplest... most times I try to prove my worth by being complicated ... over thinking situations and simply going nuts over situations I have no control over BUT time and time again I find it doesnt have to be like that....#believeinyourself is a hard lesson but a good one....#trustintheuniverse #findingjoy #newmantra #mondaydetailing #godisinthedetails
Racks on racks on racks, man
All I got is tracks, man
Sorry for my accent, but I've been practicin'
- Childish Gambino
#HappyMonday ☀️
Monday morning 🌞
Start of a new week.
Had an amazing weekend at the @ausfitnessshow (photos to come)
Indulged with my girl @that_girl_lifts with a @misterfitz_ ice-cream cookie sandwich 😍😍
Right back on track today.
It’s ok to allow yourself to relax but you just need to not make it a habit because that’s when guilt can set in.
I have no guilt about yesterday because I know I am spot on with my macros 100% of the time.
I am dedicated and disciplined and smashed out an awesome session this morning 💪💪 #happymonday
And before your know it Mondays here again! DM for all your spray tan needs 💕 #happymonday

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