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We got to go on a Pirate Cruise today and it was an absolute blast! #dancingfool #sunsetcruise #marcoisland #happyhappyhappy
User Image vickiemunton Posted: Mar 20, 2018 11:38 PM (UTC)
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User Image mighty_mouse_atx1 Posted: Mar 20, 2018 11:27 PM (UTC)

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Ever just feel super silly & super motivated⁉️⁉️. Because I was today! Had a great day at work & some fabulous convos with a friend. And I swear, meeting all these amazing ladies in @lynettemarieh ‘s Facebook group has me so happy & inspired!! Hope y’all had a fabulous first day of spring! 🌺🌸☀️🌼
User Image Posted: Mar 20, 2018 11:23 PM (UTC)

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No wonder I am in a good mood today-- it's International Day of Happiness! 😁😁😁 Hope you're all feeling the happiness today...well and always ♥️♥️ #happyhappyhappy #dontworrybehappy #happygolucky #internationaldayofhappiness2018 #march20 #clapalongifyoufeellikehappinessisthetruth
User Image simply_be_well Posted: Mar 20, 2018 11:11 PM (UTC)
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UPDATE: i can now hold my headstand for about 30 seconds, which is much better than where i was a few months ago! I attribute this to increased core/upper body strength and my membership at a yoga studio🙏 I only got one month but after this progress, I’m going to have to consider going longer!☺️ #happyhappyhappy #progress
User Image ruaporternovelli Posted: Mar 20, 2018 11:10 PM (UTC)

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Los obstáculos son experiencias con las que nos tropezaremos a lo largo de este viaje de aprendizaje llamado vida, aunque encima de tu cabeza se posen nubes de color gris no te olvides que sigue existiendo un hermoso cielo azul. No te mortifiques por lo que no tienes, no sacrifiques tu tiempo y persona por algún objeto banal, después de todo la felicidad no se obtiene o se compra, la felicidad es algo que nosotros creamos, algo que sembramos y cultivamos en nuestra vida, la felicidad no depende de la situación que te rodea, ser feliz no depende de lo que tengas, ser feliz depende de ti. Cuéntanos ¿Has hecho algo para cultivar tu felicidad el día de hoy?
User Image crunchyoilmama Posted: Mar 20, 2018 11:08 PM (UTC)

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🎵🎵Everywhere we go
🎵🎵People wanna know
🎵🎵What I’m wearing
🎵🎵So I tell them
#SmellsLikeASweetTart #HappyHappyHappy
User Image maddaayee Posted: Mar 20, 2018 11:03 PM (UTC)

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I’m so happy my wedding ring fits again. Pregnancy made my hands retain so much water I couldn’t dream of wearing it for weeks. 😍💍
#happyhappyhappy #weddingring #postpartumfingers
User Image kendallleigh84 Posted: Mar 20, 2018 10:46 PM (UTC)

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User Image sandrawjp Posted: Mar 20, 2018 10:23 PM (UTC)

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Den sidste uges tid har stået på eksamensforberedelse mens jeg kæmpede mig ovenpå influenzaen, og derfor var der ganske lidt tid til alt muligt andet i min hverdag! Idag gik alt endelig op i en højere enhed - selvom jeg lige kort før eksamen måtte fælde et par tårer og tage mange (!!!) dybe vejrtrækninger, fik jeg den bedste oplevelse (som var hele målet) og hev et flot 7 tal i hus. Aldrig har jeg været så lykkelig, og jeg græd fuldstændig af glæde! Naturfag (generelt eksamener) har aldrig været min stærke side, så det betyder utrolig meget for mig, at være ét skridt tættere på at komme min eksamensangt til livs!
Så der blev fejret for mig selv med en tur ud til lille Chanel, som jeg ikke selv har redet i 14 dage - og sikke en stjerne ❤ nu glæder jeg mig bare til alting kommer tilbage til det normale 🙏
#eksamenstid #exam #naturvidenskab #happyhappyhappy #horse #pferd #equestrian #equine #glædestårer #eksamensangst
User Image tra_williams Posted: Mar 20, 2018 10:22 PM (UTC)

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On September 14, 2011, I defined these three tenets as my personal mission while completing a 30-day leadership challenge designed by @drdanielcrosby. Since then, it has fundamentally changed the way I view my life and my career. The journey to any destination requires a point of origin; so I will always honor my roots and where I am from. The work that I do each day isn’t all for me, it’s to pass on to my heirs so that they may live a more fulfilling life; so I work to build my legacy. And every measure of success that I have achieved has been part of a blessed life for which I am eternally grateful; so I will always do whatever is within my power to pay those blessings forward and serve others. HONOR LINEAGE, BUILD LEGACY, SERVE MANKIND. You will hear these tenets repeated in my feed over and over. I hope that you’ll join me and take time each day to do these three things and I hope they change your life the way they have changed mine. Remember, you are what you think about all day long.
User Image aarv__ Posted: Mar 20, 2018 10:18 PM (UTC)

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User Image raniela_lc Posted: Mar 20, 2018 10:16 PM (UTC)

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Que tranquilidad saber que no tengo que mentir, sencillamente porque no tengo nada que ocultar 🍍#happyhappyhappy

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