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On Sunday we will be hosting Rob’s special Punk In Drublic birthday Party edition. Please don’t forget to arrive at the earlier time of 6 if you want a seat. Please don’t forget to arrive if you want cake and party poppers etc 🎈

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Today as I woke up to my 43rd birthday 🎂 🎊🎉🎈🎁 I started the day with prayer like I do everyday. As I prayed I thanked God for another year of life, but then all of a sudden I began to think about death and dying 😳Then I thought oh my gosh what am I thinking about this for? The devil is a liar!! And while that’s true, I began to get more context behind these thoughts of death.They were really related to death of self and the desire to live for something much greater than me. That death represents the end of the old and the beginning of the new. New patterns, new habits, new pictures of how I see myself, and God. That death represents the end of 42 years of taking life for granted at times moreover taking God’s breath for granted have mercy on me Lord!! More and more I’m seeing today that no one is promised tomorrow and that it’s high time that many of us awake. Well while I’m awake I want to do more and really make the best of the time that I have left on this earth...and not just for me but for you ☺️ cause I got some place to go after this place and I want you guys to come with me. Where to? Heaven of course 😉 So I pray that as I celebrate a new year I pray that you all celebrate a new day as well. Declare today that you will no longer allow fear to swallow you up, pain to discourage you from living and loving, defeat to keep you down, hurt to keep you falling and your past to define you. Declare today that you will rise above all these things and live for more. Live for something greater. Be greater and do greater. And if you have already risen than stay up!! Cause we got thangs to do 😎 #HappyBirthdayRob #43till #happybirthday #toyoutooinstagramfamily #letsgo #deathtoself