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Selamat ulang tahun koko bakpao syg 🎂😘
Berkat kasih karunia, kesehatan dan kekuatan, pnyertaan dan perlindungan, serta kebahagian dan keselamatan...semuanya Tuhan berikan 😊

Krn sdh brtambah TUA 😁 jdi smoga smakin bijak, tdk koro2ang, tdk bertambah buncit 😂, tdk kepala batu, dan tdk matoro 😁😁 AMIN 🙏🙏🙏 God bless ☺☺ #22oktober #happybirthday #godbless #prayer #hope #mylovely #wishthebest
Hoje é uma dia muito especial, o dia de celebrar mais um aninho de vida do nosso Théo Meireles!!! 🎁🎉🎊Que sua vida seja cheia de amor ❣e petiscos 🍖, nós do @clubedospugsrn desejamos tudo de mais feliz pra você e sua família! ❤


#FelizAniversario #Parabéns #3aninhos #HappyBirthday
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Gracias Dios por otro año mas de vida. De igual manera Feliz Cumpleaños a una amiga que quiero con el Alma @knito31 y sin dejar atrás una persona especial mi Prima @maryelsag las Quiero Mucho. Disfrutemos nuestro Día. Salud 🍻🍷🍰💗
Birthday boy. Part 1.
Littlest man turned 4 today. He's always wanted to go bowling, and so we booked the only two lanes at the sports centre at the north of the island for his birthday morning - bowling with a lovelyview out of the window! He loved the bowling, and even managed to beat most of his brothers! Keep scrolling to see his unique technique 😄
#housefulofboysoctoberhols2017 #murrayno5 #happybirthday #turning4 #4today
I've been trying to think up some great post about what a fab job I've been doing the past few days with my time, schedule, and just overall myself...

The truth is that I really haven't done that great of a job. •
Yesterday, it took everything in me to not loose my shit with this sweet little face. •
As soon as I would begin working and getting into a rhythm, I would hear her precious voice saying, "Mommy LOOK!" or "Mommy can you help me with...?" Or "Mommy, Lily's doing..." •

I literally had to stop, breathe, and pray for patience because I had lots I wanted to get done yesterday!

The truth of it all is this: there is no such thing as perfection, especially for mamas.

So what did I do?

I had to set boundaries and give specific instructions & guidelines. I work from home, and although my girls were home for Fall Break that didn't automatically mean that I could stop my work 100%! I made sure they knew that I was working and when I would be finished. I gave them some constructive things to do, and I told them that once I was finished worked, we would do something fun!

So yes, I failed with doing this amazing job the past few days. I lost my cool more than once, have only made a slight dent into my to-do list, and self care hasn't been what I wanted for myself.

BUT, despite all of that, I've seen tremendous growth in myself. I've been able to put to use & practice the things that I've learned!!

Are you struggling? Are you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and just like you can't get ANYTHING done that you want to get done??

You're not alone. I see you. And I'm here to help!

Rising Mamas - Take Back Your Time teaches you how to regain your identity & personal power with your schedule. It allows you to reclaim your worth and habits, so that when things begin to feel overwhelming, you know what to do. •
Message me to set up a free 1:1 chat to see if this is a fit for you! If you're ready to begin, ready to grab hold of your life, click the link in my profile ✌

You are worth the time, effort & investment.

Now is YOUR time #MamasOnTheRise
Erótica completa 25 anos de idade... Uma obra prima feita por @madonna em 1992... Parabéns @madonna pelo primoroso e esplêndido trabalho!!!
#erotica #madonna #masterpiece #sexbookmadonna #sex #sado #liberty #celebrations #happybirthday #😍

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