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Sayang, Waktu Terus Berjalan Mengiringi Langkah Kita Berdua tak terasa 4 tahun bersama.. Namun Kebersamaan dan Cinta Kasih Kita
Telah Berhasil Membuat Langkah Kita Sama dengan Kecepatan Waktu
Ingin Rasanya Kenangan dan Momen Pertama Itu Terulang Lagi.
Saat saat Kita Saling Menganggukan Kepala
Untuk Sepakat Menjalin Tali Cinta Hingga Akhir Dunia

Waktu Telah Membuat Kita Semakin Dewasa
Dan Ia Pun Telah Turut Menumbuh Kembangkan Bunga Cinta Di Hati Kita
Semoga Derasnya Waktu Tak Akan Pernah Melayukannya.
Semoga Mekarnya Tetap Bersemi Hingga Waktu pun Lelah Berlari
Happy Anniversary Sayangku,

Aku Mencintaimu Dulu, Kini, Masa Mendatang, dan Hingga Tak Ada Lagi Ruang dan Waktu.
Love You,
Thank you for being my husband, my partner, my lover and my best friend. Happy anniversary!
Thank you for making me the happiest girl in the world 21 years ago! Happy anniversary! #blessed #21yearsandcouting #happyanni 😘
Y’all...I got this today from the Hunnikins even though he is far away 💜💜💜 #happyanni #love #daymade
A day late - but here's to many, many more years of laughter, homecooked meals, travel & art, climbing, & matching tattoos #2yearz #youdaone #loml #bae #myboy #happyanni
kmn.o 1d ago
beyond thankful for all that you've done for me ! 💗💗 #happyanni
Nó trở nên quý giá..
Và a dám cá chả có gì mua đc khung cảnh này .. đồng xanh , đàn cừu
Anh và em và nơi em lớn lên , em cho anh nhiều trải nghiệm mới ( so best bx :* )
Và quan trọng hơn hết em đứng cùng anh và khung cảnh này làm nền cho anh và em 🤘🏻🤘🏻❤️❤️
• T W O Y E A R S •
since day one when he showed up in LA to ask me to be his girlfriend, this guy hasn't stopped surprising me. the way his love seems to continue and even grow as my flaws are continually exposed, the way he constantly finds new passions and dreams, his confidence, his patience with me, his appreciation for God's truth and wisdom, to his newfound love for jazz (and the list goes on) there is never a dull moment with him and I am so excited to see what other adventures God has in store this next year ☺️ Grateful I get a chance to experience God's love and grace through you, I love you babe ❤️😘 #happyanni #twoyears
Trời lạnh thế này
Chỉ muốn nắm tay
Và yêu ai đấy
Bằng nhiều đắm say (By hien)
#5daysago #happyanni #hus❤️
Three years my wife and the most amazing memories I've shared with this one! Forever more to come! #happyanni
The best anniversary dinner with this man. We talked about the last 5 years--our favorite memories, the hard times, how God has been incredibly faithful and kind. As I sat there, holding his hand and looking at this man who has grown so much the past few years and who has held my hand as I've grown too, tears pooled in my eyes. Marriage is so much messier and so much better than I ever would have dreamed. And more importantly, God is so much BIGGER and CLOSER than I knew 5 years ago. So thankful. #happyanni