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Been almost 20years we are celebrating Rakshabandhan together today was the first time you were not there... missed u soo much @tithij2 waiting for 12th come soon!
#BrotherSisters #HappinessIsBeingTogether #Rakshabandhan2017
วันหยุด กำลังจะหมดไป แต่ความสุขของเราไม่มีวันหมด😘💕#happinessisbeingtogether#
i came home from summer school yesterday sleepy and ready to nap. kurt was working from home and asked if i wanted to do something. so i said yes and we went to walk at our favorite trail. it was so much better than any nap. #sogladisaidyes #happinessisbeingtogether #marriedtothegodofrock
I'm hoping that this weather bucks up so that as a family we can spend more time outdoors. We don't mind getting wet but it's so much nicer when it is warmer, it doesn't even have to be sunny! My goal is to spend more time working outdoors too as I know I can be more creative! What helps you get creative?

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