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This weekends make up look 💁🏻💄
My current stress level in life could be 2007’s Britney Spears but you always find a way to level me out and make sure I’m good. So, namastay traveling the world with you 💕 #CuteButPsycho #TooRadToBeSad #HellaPunny
As we come back into Scorpio season, I look back on an incredible year around the sun. This time last year I was so ill I could barely leave the house and I didn't do anything on my birthday, much less the months preceding. It was a fallow time, a time of healing. This time around has been a time of glorious rebirth. I am so incredibly grateful for this life, for my health and for the ability to do the things I love- that being creating art and affecting the change I believe we need to see in our world. I have never felt more aligned with my purpose and power. I'm not a scorpion anymore; I'm a damn Phoenix. .
#warriorqueen #health #healing #art #phoenix #lymewarrior #scorpio

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