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I love seeing this one 💛 (I don’t love when my bag breaks on me) 🖤 #hannabel #friends #beveridgeselfie
I've spent the last 2 years loving my best friend. Thanks for all the support babe. I can't wait for what is in store for us and what our future looks like. 💙 love you 😊 @abel_260 #hannabel #2years #Disneyland
9 mile hike with @abel_260 at Chantry Flats.
Thanks for being patient with my slow butt. 💙
I feel so accomplished and proud!
Saw some pretty amazing things in nature: a million lady bugs, a snake, caterpillars and butterflies. #chantryflats #hike #blistersfordays #hannabel
@abel_260 bought me a pink rod 🌼 🎣
#hannabel #belmontpier #thanksbae
Had a great day fishing with the family 💜
#mcm he rubs my feet 😍 all I have to do is put them in his lap ❤ hehe love you! #hannabel @abel_260
Happy Valentine's Day to the best boyfriend in the world!! You're always supporting me, taking care of me and putting me first and I am forever grateful. You've loved me at my one of my highest weights and now my lowest. You're just so awesome, and I'm happy we found each other 💙 Thanks for always being patient with me, whether when it's us being active and working out or me being an emotional mess lol
Can't wait for our many more adventures 💙😘❤
Day 14 of #WLSFeb17PhotoChallenge and #valentinesday #hannabel #branchtomypoppy