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Us attending Khara’s baby shower party at her place in San Jose, CA. We had fun games, great food, and enjoyed each other’s company. Brrrr, it got cold as nighttime came tho lol. A big congrats to your new baby boy Alijah Grayson, Khara!
(Saturday, November ‎18, ‎2017)
User Image dustinslo_ Posted: Nov 23, 2017 4:49 AM (UTC)
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Just saved 200$ from a #modification I did to my #sleepingbag for #hammock #camping. When you looking up online the sleeping bag from outdoor vitals cost 244$ and I only payed 44$ from academy sports
And isn’t wrong to safe a view bucks anyways
P.s not talking bad about outdoor vitals by no means ...I’m just broke lol
#hammock #camping #diy #outdoors #hangingout #winter #myATstory

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