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•Jesus went the distance for me so it should be nothing for me to go the distance for Him• •

And that's a wrap for #FSKO17. So blessed to be the leader of some amazing girls, have an amazing fuse pastor @brayden__cooper that leads us with such heart, and having a front row seat to life change. #FSKO #gvlfuse
FSKO night ☝️ in the books. Loved @dan_lian s message. Following Jesus is uncool, it's noticeable, it's defining, it's uncomfortable but it's forever and it'll change your life and you could change the world! #FSKO #FSKO17 #tailgatetuesday #GVLFUSE
Asia (left) got saved tonight and this is how we feel about it!! #gvlfuse @newspringfuse
Sometimes the storm knocks out the power and you have to take shelter briefly! 😳#gvlfuse
Shout out to the snack bar team at fuse! These cookies are almost too cute to eat! Almost 😉 #gvlfuse #lit #fuse
❤️ I am so so proud to tell the world that my son Alex was saved tonight at Fuse!!!!!! #fuse #gvlfuse #salvation #proudmom #newspring
50 kids. That's how many showed up to pray over this next school year. I'm so excited to see how Jesus is going to work in and through this generation of students. Anyone who says this generation has no hope, you're wrong. I'm a firsthand witness. Praying big things for these students. #gvlfuse
Well I just got home from #gauntlet2016. I have to say Jesus worked in ways beyond what I could have asked or imagined. I'm blessed to be a small part of this movement that is seeing people come to Jesus, makes broken lives whole, and impact not just a community, but a state.
You can't tell me that Jesus isn't working. You can't tell me that this generation is a lost cause. And you can't tell me that these kids won't be serious world changers. I'm a first hand witness to the contrary.
I'm also super thankful that I get to do ministry with guys like @cothran18. Genuine, loving and willing to lead. He stepped up big time this week in his first time as a Fuse volunteer (what a way to start 😂). Proud of you dude, and I can't wait to keep doing this thing with you! #gvlfuse
A little sunrise squad selfie as we witnessed 1,390 of our friends take their next steps in baptism! This has been an incredible week so far, but I truly believe the best is yet to come! #Gauntlet16 #SetTheTone #gvlfuse
Want to know why I believe in the next generation so strongly? I just watched two senior boys run into the ocean to hug my four middle school girls they have dubbed their "little sisters" to celebrate with them in baptism. #bawlingmyeyesout #allthefeels #gauntlet2016 #thesearemypeople #gvlfuse
Love having my dude @nicksaravia back at #gvlfuse doing what he does best - serving and loving students! 💪🏼
@newspringfuse #lastnightatfuse