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Entre cordas, fones e microfones... Forma-se um sucesso. Deus abençoe.🙏🎸🎙🎧🎶
i dont watch live video instagram guigui wu ying jie because i am still sleeping on 02.30an and have to get up early to work. workplace away from home.
OP said shooting middle of the night! the workers, the girl to the staff one by one to send their own before leaving with staff to thank the hard work, let everyone take a rest, #guigui #wuyingjie has finished work for filming mv, guigui wearing six sets of clothes beautiful, guigui said the mv not have lead male model mv. finally said to big eat special eat #gemma
Não vem mecher comigo não titia pq estou focado no meu joguinho 💙 #guigui @warlamiranda
😍 parecemos mais irmãos do que sobrinho e tia brigamos muito encrencamos muito um cm outro , mas tia ama esse magrelo😍👫 #guigui
I miss you with bangs of hair ... how beautiful and cute ... long black hair shines. #guigui #wuyingjie #adifferentkindofprettyman # 鬼鬼 #吴映洁

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