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I've decided that she is going to grow up to be the lady on America's Got Talent that rides her bike across a flaming tight rope with a sword between her teeth. 🤦🏼‍♀️🙄
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Day 10 - Grief.
Grief is a strange emotion that I think everyone has a different experience of. It is a very personal and powerful emotion. Grief is the loss of anything we loved, family members, friends, our home, our pets, there is so many things we grieve for. .
My first and most horrific grieving process was when my darling nan, hero and best friend passed away. I watched her deteriorate over time. She waited until all her grandchildren turned 18 and passed away at 6pm on her youngest granddaughters birthday. She was the strongest, cheekiest and crazy woman i have ever met. I like to think I have qualities from her. .
My next loss was my dad. This was a different kind of loss. 5 weeks from when he got diagnosed to when he past. Those 5 weeks I watched a strong, emotionally guarded man turn to someone frightened and vulnerable. I felt he become a dad finally. I grieved for what we could have had. .
Both of these loses changed me as a person for the better. I discovered myself. I learnt there is no time limit on how long this should last. I learnt that I grieve in different ways, each time. I learnt that patience, pain, joy and hope can coexist. That tears do water our growth. I learnt that I have been so lucky to have both of these people in my life and that loosing them was worth the pain. I learnt having someone who cares beside you and who understands helps. I learnt how strong I am, how motivated I am. I still feel them most days, whether it's our song coming on the radio, or the stars in the sky or a dream of them, this brings comfort. Most importantly I know they would be proud of me.
Grief is painful, but you can challenge that pain into learning and developing. No matter how strong the pain of losing a loved one may be, what is most important is that you had someone to love at all. Living your life to the fullest is the greatest way that you can honour those you have lost.
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There is a space between awake and asleep that spirit come forward to make contact with us.
We are particularly sensitive in this small window because our conscious mind is off guard.
Whether we see or feel someone sitting on our beds, we hear a loved one's voice speaking to us, or we see their faces in our minds eye.
When I first started on my own spiritual development journey a close friend's relative came to me the night before his funeral to tell me to let his family know that he was alright and that he was sorry for the pain that he'd caused them. At the time this was the most clear and intense spirit communication I had ever received, & to be able to share this with my friend and give her some comfort in her time of grief was very humbling.
These experiences often get brushed off as being 'just our imagination', but truly, this is a window of time spirit make use of to get communication to us and to get our attention.
Either to help us with problems, let us know they are with us, & so on.
If you wish for spirit or loved ones to come forward at this time, speak to them via prayer when you are lying in bed, with the intention that anyone who comes does so in may be amazed at what happens.
Has anything like this ever happened to you? I'd love to hear about it! Share your experiences in the comments below!
As always, questions are always welcome!
Love, light and many blessings!
Holly xoxoxoxoxox
A gift for a family member that loves #angels, this rutsic wooden decoration can be treasured every year.

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Happy 21st birthday Anoshan I fucking love you and miss you so much 💕💕💕💕 #A7 #VirgoSibling #GuardianAngel
James wanted to be sure we knew he was following us on our walk around the neighborhood. 😂 #guardianangel #suchabadass #jamesandmargaret #ravens #birdsofinstagram #losangeles #urbanwildlife
- 💙 ANGELS 💙 - "Jean's Angels". My friend Jean makes angels out of old jewelry. Angels everywhere! #Angels#AngelJewelry#Creativity#Spirituality#CreativeSpirit#Art#Friend #Friends #GuardianAngel#MyFriend
Sombody Else - @the1975 🔮🌙🖤 really missing you today Alexander. you were in my dream last night. Us hanging out, cruising with the top down while you flipped your hair back and I laughed, rolling my eyes at you per usual. my phone got hacked and wiped - lost all of our old texts that I’d reread when I was down. lost all of our pictures and videos of us singing in empty parking lots. lost you too soon, too young. where are you resting sweet Prince ? #imy #the1975 #myprince #guardianangel #innerdemons #sweetdreams #resteasy #reflection #thoughts #heavyheart #gypsylyfe
Düz deyil.?⚠
Axşamıvız xeyir dəyərli insanlar necəsiz.? #guardianangel |23:10| 🔫💣🔪
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