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If You Haven’t Supported Volunteer or Donate for a true member of our community to be a representative in the city Council please take the time to go support @cb4atl #grustlelifestyle #wetogether
Check out what's all the RAGE About 😜
@nikkipaigenarage her single "Get it Over"
Will be on Spotify an Apple Music an all streaming platforms"
We Outcha @poondaga You Got One Wit This Luv 1...🚨🌲🔌 #Poprap #popmusic #rapmusic #grustlelifestyle
Remember A Man that does not have a Vsion for the Future will always return to his PAST... don’t be afraid Its just the #grustlelifestyle
Take a Good Look at your Future and use your Time Wisely‼️Step it Up a Notch Stayfresh You’re Not Going as Hard as you Think you ARE I Consistently remind myself of this..💭 In the #grustlelifestyle
I'm glad the committee members heard the Voice of the people...did you know that African-Americans make up 92% of Marijuana arrest in Atlanta. We all know one marijuana arrest is a slippery slope into the prison system. I salute Mr. @kwanzahall for introducing legislation to re-classify marijuana as a non-jailable offense... One Time for our communities at the same time let's be responsible adults.. #grustlelifestyle Atlanta is a beacon of change in the SOUTH.
You want to know why Stranger Support you More than People you Know..🤔 Cuz People you Know have a Hard Time excepting that you Come from the Same Place, but they are Still in the Same Place. It's Just Misplaced Hate. 🌲🌲🌲 Even still I Do this to Provide Opportunities for My People's #grustlelifestyle Always Strive For Greatness...
Understand I Do Because I CAN, I Can Because I Want To, I want To Because You Said I Couldn't... I Do This So I Can Help My People Obtain Knowledge & Obtain Outlets For Content Distribution. 🎬🎤🎥 #grustlelifestyle None of my Artists can ever say I fucked them over....🗂 that's why we ALL are still Family....🌲 #freshtasteinc
If you gave up on me I certainly feel sorry for you... it's A #grustlelifestyle sometimes you Gotta to Vent to Yourself...😔 Wipe your own Tears...😪🤧 & Handle your own Situations.... Cause A Lie don't care who tells it & Salt does not care who throws it.... Facts...🤔
Just ask @ralofamgoon The brief summary overview can be discussed in the car... The rest can be discussed at the roundtable. Just Know A Life Spent making Mistakes & Learning from them is not Only more Honorable, but more Useful than a Life spent Doing Nothin. #allpraisedue #grustlelifestyle #freshtasteinc #FamericaFlims
New Company Alert....🚨🚨🚨 I come bearing gifts @future @metroboomin @liluzivert plus Me & @thespicegroup New Brand @freshtasteinc I did not go to #Asia for nothing. Salute my 🔌's @lakesheezy @brooksrico @escomoecity yours OTW. #grustlelifestyle you need one Hit the link Email me.🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇵🇭🇰🇷🇯🇵🇩🇪🇨🇳
I Try To Hide All The Pain Behind These ray-bands #inshallah ALLAH Will Give Me No All Of Us Ease, Even Still I Pray We Have A Thousand Years Of Success. Understand The Essence of The #grustlelifestyle consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm....🎯 #allpraisedue
Wins or Losses I Stay in The Cut But If You Ever See Someone Standing Next To Me, Know there Better Than Me @ Sumthing. I Love My Community I Love my Ahki's We Swap Knowledge Not Hate.... There Is Nothing Wack/Lame About Guideing You Fam To دين الاسلام May ALLAH Forgive our Sins & Multiply Our Good Deeds. #ripmazi #grustlelifestyle #allpraisedue
Seven Rules To My #grustlelifestyle
1.Follow your Vision
2.Grow your Mind
3.Share your Talents
4.Find Friends that Inspire you
5.Take care of your Body
6.Live IN Gratitude
7.Be of Service to Others
8.Don't pocket Watch
My Bad I said 7 But it's 22 total. So let US All Stop Acting Like We Live Twice #allahuakbar #allpraisedue 📸 @dru_ezie
Sometimes You Can't Trust What You See, Even Salt Looks Like Sugar..... Just Stay WOKE...🎯#ReeltoReel #MusicEngineer #studiolife #grustlelifestyle #ReelHipHop Know Ya Music History. 🥁🎸🎹🎺 #ResilientHappiness
Everyone 👀's what you Appear to be, FEW Experience What you really Are. Never be afraid to Be Yourself. The only thing you can do is implement being a better person Daily 🤔#grustlelifestyle 🎯 Facts...
These Are The Meetings I Luv
It's a Big Difference between Money & Power. I cannot respect someone who doesn't understand the Difference. We Produce ,Strategize ,Distribute Short Films Brand Content, Proof of Concepts ,Digital Series Its A #grustlelifestyle #freshtasteinc Let's Create..
Preparing & Thinking About Tomorrow Starts Today.....So UnderStand A Dream is A Goal With A Deadline. #AirportHighwaysHotel Da Flim...🎬 Script Pitching Is the hardest part so don't be discourage it's a network out there that wants It...📡
#grustlelifestyle #freshtasteinc
I'm Going Going Back Back To CALI...🌴 it's a must I salute my OG's I always Admired What they accomplished for the Music Culture @dazdillinger @daznkurupt @xzibit #dpg #kurupt Remember Chase the vision not the Money.... Hard Work Be Nice Learn The Business. #grustlelifestyle #freshtasteinc #highhempwraps