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My dear, my young, but such an adult girl. Thank you for these months. Thank you for our sincere conversations, fun, understanding, for psychotherapy) You are incredibly wise. I miss our conversations on the host of hosts. Love you😘😘❤❤
#usa #colorado #estespark #grubsteak #grubsteakteam
"You are so cute", "You are like a little angel"😇
You always told me that when you hugged me. It seemed to me that we made each other happier at that moment. My beloved @monicaisawesome Monica, thank you for always being kind and sympathetic, thanks for listening, understanding and support in a difficult moment. My soulmate, we did not need words to understand each other. It was enough to embrace each other, so that the day would be better. I'm grateful that you appreciated everything we did and always talked about it. I really love you and I really miss you❤❤❤😘😘😘
#usa #estespark #grubsteak #grubsteakteam #workandtravel #missyou
Моя @valerija_vall, добрая душа, такая искренняя и светлая, словно ангел. Девушка, которая понимала с полуслова, своей улыбкой вызывала радость и ты не мог не улыбнуться в ответ. Удивительно мягкая и нежная, человек, с которым было всегда приятно находиться, который смотрит на мир, во многом, как ты, который понимает твои проблемы. Первый человек, который сказал: "Я так люблю Россию и русских", при этом был огонь в глазах и счастье на лице. Спасибо тебе за все❤ Пусть мы были знакомы всего лишь месяц, но за это время ты стала очень родным и дорогим мне человеком💕😘 Встретимся в Сербии😏
#usa #colorado #estespark #grubsteakteam #grubsteak #workandtravel
My best manager, my best barmen, my best Reilly @rye.flo ❤🔝 "Best hugs ever"💞 Thank you for believing, supporting, understanding, thank you for always being on my side. Thank you for trusting your secrets, thank you for keeping my 🙊 You always thought about us, did the best, I really appreciate it and I'm grateful for it. Thanks for the great mood, your jokes and perfect sarcasm 😈
Be happy, mi corazon🙌💙💟
Love you, my darling😘❤ #usa #america #estespark #grubsteak #grubsteakteam #bestbarmen
И начну я с тебя @afzal_naimov 😏 Наша дружба началась с того, как он сидел и комментировал, как я ем сэндвич ножом и вилкой) Он откровенно не понимал, как так можно, и после этого постоянно шутил по этому поводу😆 И вот уже ты стал одним из самых любимых и лучших людей в Эстесе. Я обожаю твое чувство юмора, с тобой невозможно было не смеяться, ты всегда знал, как поднять настроение, а обнимать тебя - было моим любимым😊 Человек, на руках которого я рыдала больше всего, когда уезжала😭 Ты всегда был добр, заботлив и внимателен, честным и открытым, я искренне рада была видеть тебя каждый раз и скучала на работе, когда тебя не было) Спасибо за все веселые и счастливые моменты😘💫 Я буду счастлива тебя увидеть в Питере😏 Вообще, где угодно) Ты занимаешь особое место в моем сердце💕
Люблю тебя❤😘 И очень надеюсь на скорую встречу😏😉
#etespark #friends #grubsteak #grubsteakteam #loveyou
My wife and I got to do our annual anniversary dinner tonight. This is such a special place to us. 6 out of 7 anniversaries spent here and each presenting a new year of hope ahead and unfortunately a look back on some insane hard times. This year was a bit different, here's why. It started our first year of marriage and first summer trying the horse job. I was in between jobs and just playing around. The last pic in this post shows some art work at a booth that @kristenwright52 and I sat at to celebrate year 1 of marriage. The pic shows a cowboy holding his saddle in 1 hand and his skis in the other. That first year, in between jobs, I thought 'I wonder if I can pull that off?'. The next year's brought some good times but some disappointment as well with trouble starting a family. Then a merical, my daughter came, and all in the same year we move full time to UT. Wow was that a year to look back on while enjoying our favorite grub spot that year. The pressure of being new parents and then on top of it the insane risk of trying to ride horses and ski for my profession. Talk about stress. Then in the following year the lil man came! More exciment that year as we ate so fast we got sick, but it was worth it to return home to our newborn boy and his beautiful sister yet being so tired from having 2 youngsters and me working so hard to build my career out of what most would say are hobby jobs. NOW THIS YEAR! My wife sits there more stunning than ever after a body transformation for the ages. She's happy, feeling good about herself and beaming with a sense of accomplishment as she has a well deserved dinner in peace. And as for me, I'm finally at a point in my career where I can at least see some great growth and progress and am confident that we made a good decision to take this road in life. My amazing wife also says that now, as she looks around the place we live, she feels like it's home and that now for the first time we can vision our life and not just dream about it. We are actually living the dream baby! What a ride it's been and a crazy ride it is going to continue to be! #livingthedream #buildyourdream #makeithappen #doit #dontwait #wemadeit
Chicago show was a blast last night. Tonight we're in Minneapolis at the legendary @triplerockmpls with @dasowth.sgh #grubsteak #insufficentfunds
No longer live in the city and soon won't be working here either. A few final sketches, #mayflowermarket, #calavarypresbryterian, #grubsteak #sketch #thecity
Will you be at tomorrow's Rotary Park City candidate forum at @grubsteakrestaurant? I hope to see you there! #whererogerstands
Grubsteak (Ground beef patty over white bread covered in gravy and served with mashed potatoes), Golden House Restaurant, Chicago, IL. #grubsteak #goldenhouserestaurant #chicago #illinois #food #foodie #foodpic #yum