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Make your week a little sweeter! Tag a friend that's the sprinkles to your frosting. #nationalcupcakeday
After shopping, invite your child to help take items out of the bags using this #VroomTip. Give them some small, safe items to put away, giving hints for where things go, like, “Are there other cans in the cupboard that look like this one?” or “An apple is a fruit. Where do we keep the other fruit?” ⠀

#BrainyBackground: Putting things into categories and being able to see similarities and differences helps your child build the skill of making connections, which is at the heart of learning. You are also building your child’s memory in fun ways while encouraging them to help out!
Roasted, pureed, baked? How do you work butternut squash into your fall cooking routine?
Had my first experience ordering groceries from @milkandeggscom 😍❤️ Honestly I don’t ever want to go back to regular grocery shopping 😆 I live on the 3rd floor of a complex by myself so it’s definitely a struggle lugging groceries up and I’ll admit I’m just plain lazy most of the time so I’ll eat out or starve hahaha. Products are delivered early morning and everything is super fresh, so I’m definitely feeling a lot healthier since I don’t have an excuse not to cook now 😜💕
My fridge is empty. So empty, I raided the freezer for breakfast and lunches -hot lunch anyone?? So the boys and I are picking up all kinds of supplies for meal prep. What are you cooking this week?
Mi nevera está vacía. Tan vacía que ataqué el freezer para desayunos y almuerzos! Así que los niños y yo estamos comprando todo tipo de provisiones para preparar comida. Qué cocinarás esta semana?
#prepararcomida #supermercado #irdecompras #decompras #comprandoalimento #tiendadealimentos #comprassaludables #hacerlacompra #carritodesuper
The best aisle in the grocery store! We just got a #frenchpress and a grinder so I’m excited to try new stuff until our Black Rifle Coffee comes!

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