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GPCID is run by a dedicated board, who has this community’s best interest at heart. If you're a local business owner in the Green Point CID area, we'd love to have you as a member of our board. You’d only have to attend four board meetings a year. Click on link in bio to find out more. #wednesday #gpcid #greenpoint #capetown #business #localbusiness #becomeamember #boardmember #community
Today in the store 📗 Gratuitous Type Issue 4.5, published by @elanaschlenker. 3 in stock. This issue expands on interviews with designers from Issue 4. "Celebrating the letter in all its forms, the magazine highlights exciting contemporary design and art from around the world, offering a voyeuristic look into the practices of our favorite letter-makers." $12. Email to purchase.⠀
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Time is Now and Now is the time to reveal yourself, to break free from unwanted and toxic patterns/behaviors. Join me for my workshop at #maharose on Tuesday, October 24th starting at 7pm. About the workshop: Family Constellations Workshop – An awakening to break free from your energetic lineage
Have you ever felt lost, empty or depressed? And even though you are doing your best to heal this discomfort or negative and toxic behaviors, you keep catching yourself repeating the same pattern and story line, over and over?

Healing means to become our true self. In order to heal, it is necessary to know why? What is your goal? What do you want? If you cannot give yourself a goal or achieve it, it may be because your family story holds you back in your past.

This workshop offers you the opportunity to uncover, dissolve and understand the blockages affecting your love relationships, career, finances and health.

Through drawing your family tree and get an aspect of Family Constellations, you will find your place and become aware of any patterns that have been repeating themselves generation after generation.

We cannot change our parents or our family, but we can change our perception around it. We can decide to move on, we can decide to stop focusing and obsessing over our past, constantly thinking about what they should have done better or differently. They did the best they could with their own stories.

By acknowledging and accepting your family as they are, it will be life-changing. You will feel grounded, capable and at peace with who you are today and your past story.

It will restore the power into your hands, with a strong base and a deep love for your life and yourself.

Exchange : $40
💫🌱NEW MOON LIBRA 🌱💫 #Libra helps us to find balance and it sees the true value of relationships. Union, our connection with others, our relationships, they take work. Through our unions with others we become more powerful and there is more potential for good in the world, yet we also give up some of our freedom in service to that greater good. Relationships mean we have to compromise, collaborate and be considerate, this is where Libra helps us excel. We can reach our true potential through the work we do in relationships, we can see the elements of our psyche that hold us back through the eyes of our partners if we choose to "do the work". Commit to the work we must though, in order to even have relationships. Relationships don't come easy, and we must defend them. Partnership can be the way back to ourselves, through the love of one another, through allowing ourselves to be seen, heard and loved in all of our vulnerability and sometimes ugliness. If we can love one another because we are all suffering and sometimes in darkness, rather than in spite of it, we can build the society we've all been dreaming of. However, right now we all have to look deeply into our relationship to intimacy, and ultimately our fear of it... more in today's newsletter linked on my blog (sign up for my newsletter for direct access to updates)
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