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_eedil 2w ago
I know more than I say , think more than I speak and notice more than u realize 😌
311rs 3M ago
A green so gud it makes Mother Nature look bad. 🐸🌲🌳🌱🌿☘️ #greenisgud
📸: @peter_laps
Nice little goody box from @garagewelt. This deck won't be getting scratched up!! #GreenIsGud
311rs 4M ago
What's got you motivated for the week? Our answer should be fairly clear. 😳😁🐸🎃 #311RS #Porsche #mondaymotivation #greenisgud
Little "tour" of Safari 5. Huge shout out and Thank You to @goldcrestmotorsports and @brysonthepainter for being a major part of The Keen Project. Without them I wouldn't be able to do it. Also big thanks to The Keen Project partners @pelicanparts @elephantracing @gtsclassics @official_hemi @wranklethefabricator #TheKeenProject #GreenIsGud
Great livery x Color combination on this GT3 RS at the Dubai Autodrome.