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Did't expect to drink but just passing by..🍹🍸
I’m at a point in my life where I’m actually happy. I just got distinguished drum majors with my best bud. I have a best friend who has stuck by my side for 6+ years and I love and thank her for that @_zailia_rae . I have a wonderful boyfriend for whom I’ve been with for a pretty long time, he loves my insecurities and says that I am the definition of perfect to him @joshfurst . I have had the same job for a little over 2 years and I am now a supervisor. Also I have straight A’s, even though I only have a few classes. Also I am starting to like myself for once and it is pretty great! Sorry for the long paragraph 😂😂 #happy #senior #boyfriend #bestfriend #greatlife #drummajors
Life is really good. Another great day of Golf! Freedom, choices, options. When will you DECIDE to do what it takes?? #danielalonzo #floridagolf #golf #streamsong #funlife #greatlife #freedom #choices #options

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