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Meet our new happy client #MMA #Fighter @sheymonmoraes - The Ballancer®Pro brings reliable, immediate and groundbreaking #results to everyone from Aethetics to Athletics, it helps EVERY BODY with #recovery #rehabilitation #detox #lymphaticdrainage #bodysculpting #weightloss #greaterhealth #totalbodyrecovery #bodybyballancer #underarmour #blackhousemma
User Image katiebearsig Posted: Nov 14, 2017 4:59 AM (UTC)
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Day off today! Recovering really well! Still can’t lift heavy objects or do anything strenuous but I’m not complaining 😜 feeling so blessed, there hasn’t even been a transition period between having my own natural hormones to going on synthetic corticosteroids, following #bilateraladrenalectomy I just feel great, I feel better than I did prior to surgery, so so #blesses and #grateful resting under a tree by the beach today #paradise #pheochromocytoma #cure #nf1 #health #happiness #cute #love #healing #cleanse #rawvegan #vegan #adrenalectomy #greaterhealth
User Image ladyleashie Posted: Oct 26, 2017 9:36 PM (UTC)
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@vegan_festival_adelaide TOMORROW!!! Woo 🎉🌼🌱
Can't wait to be there with @wrappa_reusablefoodwraps
Many vegans naturally feel extremely passionate about the environment and Vegan Wrappas enable us to go #plasticfree by using reusable food wraps instead of plastic cling wrap.
Come down and celebrate the festival or see what this "vegan" thing is all about but whatever you do come over and say hi 👋
#greaterhealth #greaterhappiness #lifestyle #plantbased #fortheanimals
User Image bitbybitfarm Posted: Oct 25, 2017 5:36 PM (UTC)
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Roasting a "big ole pile of them bones" (sorry for the ear worm) for nourishing bone broth. As the mister joins me on a healing journey we will be using the dense nutrition from broths, bitters, probiotics, whole foods, clean water, love and rest to help our bodies and spirits find their way back. Thanks to our unofficial team members for guidance, resource and overall support. We are so grateful for it all!

#bitbybitkitchen #bitbybitfamily #greaterhealth #teammates4life #soulmatestuff #bonebroth #roastedbones #knuckles #grassfedbeefbones #organicgarlic #organiconions #rosemary #thyme #guthealth #energy #consciouschoices #chooselove
Look what I found on my porch this evening! Oils(not pictured), Ningxia and a red pepper (from my garden).
I'm ready to take my family's good health to another level.
#GreaterHealth #HealthyMama #HealthyFamily #HealthyCommunity #SAHM #YLEOs
Live Your Passion with @younglivingeo. Today we're 600 strong celebrating the harvest together!! ✨🎉.
What would you do with greater health? Join the harvest this fall! 🍂.
#ylunites #ylharvestkelowna
User Image vonicosier Posted: Oct 9, 2017 4:37 AM (UTC)
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Synergy Super Greens has been a staple for me for many years now and I wanted to share this because I believe it has significantly contributed to my overall health and wellbeing.
Note: I am not sponsored by, nor paid to share this information, I'm simply sharing my experience and beliefs in adding a combination of Spirulina, Chlorella, Barley & Wheat Grass to ones daily intake.

By adding a heaped teaspoon of my powdered greens to my morning banana smoothie or fresh apple slurpy I add 3-4 servings of greens that I couldn't possibly eat in my day.
I do however exchange my morning green smoothie for warm oats with fresh berries and crushed nuts OR a fresh omelette with a huge handful of baby spinach and a sprinkle of cheese a couple of times a week just to mix it up and so I don't ever go off my greens 😜

Why do I add this super food combo to my daily intake?;
The main reason is because I'm generally pretty busy each day (as many of us can relate) and I can't possibly eat the amount of greens that my body requires in a week to work at its optimum.
Also, given there is a history of cancer linked to my family tree (as many of us do) I like to keep my body in a state of greater Alkaline state than an Acidic state.
Scientific research has shown that a body kept in a greater balance of Alkaline is overall less likely to experience ill health, have more energy, boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, promote greater gut health and slow the ageing process naturally from the inside out!
Now who doesn't want to be part of that right!! 🙌🏼 Well there you go, now we all have more reasons to enjoy our GREENS! 🌱
User Image jilstar Posted: Oct 8, 2017 10:26 AM (UTC)
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Don't be so hard on yourself make the best out of your life. Fitness is about balance! ✌🏽😆 #balance #behappy #whysoserious #fitnessmotivation #healthylifestyle #yolo #greaterhealth #repost
User Image therapyyogi Posted: Sep 27, 2017 8:15 PM (UTC)
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I have been posting about Bone Strength for 27 days now. Now is the time to come practice in person...
@ Better Living Yoga

Yesterday I spent "online" time with Loren Fishman. He went over the 12 poses interjecting his views on where the dynamic tension should be coming from as well as discussing some of the pitfalls that can be seen in the pose. Come today and help your practice get refined!
@betterlivingyoga #bonestrength #yoga #buildbones #safepractice #greaterhealth #today❣️

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