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Too many toys? Filling kids lives and play spaces with too many toys has been shown to actually stifle imagination and creativity. It also drives the need for accumulation of ‘stuff’ and tends to breed a lack of appreciation for material things.
Try reducing the number of toys offered on rotation and when purchasing toys ask yourself ‘will this help to foster creativity in my child?’ (Ref: Maggie Dent)
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User Image gracekhieu Posted: Nov 22, 2017 6:18 AM (UTC)
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Thankful for the Central Coast.
It contains every memory that has made me who I am today. Every foundational element, every memory, every big moment in my life - all on the Central Coast. Half of the people I talk to might not even know what Salinas is, but to me, it’s the place where my story started.
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User Image claire0525 Posted: Nov 22, 2017 6:12 AM (UTC)
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Going to start this one again. It’s worth reading more than once 🦋 #eckharttolle #clarity #gratitude
User Image shadowhealth Posted: Nov 22, 2017 6:16 AM (UTC)
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Cherry picking season starts this Friday at Coldstream's Big Fella Cherries, can you guess what I'll be doing this weekend? I have a killer sorbet recipe for this summer! Being in a field of fruit & veggies is so soothing on my nervous system - the outdoors brings me such comfort & joy. I remember running around in my nonnas garden equipped with just cherries for earrings & my big imagination! This photo is from my family's garden in the mountains of Napoli - a little secret town full of wonder & so much love. There is nothing more nurturing for the soul then to reconnect with your ancestors. Mine just happen to be the most boisterous, hard working & generous village people - everything they do is with a huge smile & lots of hand gestures! #cherries #nature #naturephotography #travel #adventure #instagood #smile #love #italy #family #garden #healing #paleo #health #photooftheday #happy #photooftheday #wellness #spiritual #summer #fruit #beautifullife #italianlandscapes #mountains #nonna #positivevibes #gratitude #wellnesswriter
User Image alight_in_the_dark Posted: Nov 22, 2017 6:15 AM (UTC)
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Day 1: Ice Skating ⛸

The ice rink has been a safe haven for me for almost a year now. It is the only place where I can make a stupid mistake, fall down, and laugh it off.

The best days on the ice are days like today, where the hassles of life fade away and all that matters is the ice under my blades. My stress melts away and the activity becomes almost entirely meditative.

Skating has led me to some wonderful friends and coaches who inspire me daily and I feel so blessed to have these experiences and people to share them with. ❄
Grey cloudy skies can’t dampen my mood 💪🏻 Lunch with a girlfriend and a day of shopping before a hectic week #gratitude #day2 #happy
User Image brittanyapp Posted: Nov 22, 2017 6:17 AM (UTC)
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Ladies & Gentlemen, meet my Father... (absolutely OWNING this, I might add). 💙
He inspired some kickass family portraits this year, my friends. (I can’t wait to share more!) ... I remain amazed & grateful for this family. 🏹

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User Image wendy.718 Posted: Nov 22, 2017 6:17 AM (UTC)
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I love the holidays because Im so grateful for all my blessings. 15 years ago, during this time of year, I was a homeless mother of 2 in New York City. I am not ashamed of my past because it has shaped me into the woman I am today. I know firsthand that you can achieve anything you want, no matter what obstacles you face in life. Let your struggles be your motivation to succeed and push forward! I hope my story inspires anyone who is reading this to keep going, and keep pushing, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Have faith in yourself and always remain grateful, even for the smallest things in life.
Im so grateful for the amazing opportunity given to me this year; to be involved with Students Run LA, to help kids cross the finish line at the LA Marathon. #initforthelongrun
This #GivingTuesday, I ask that you consider Students Run LA in order to help our students cross the Marathon finish line this year.

Donate on Tuesday, November 28, 2017 to support our students on their journey to success. Head on over to @studentsrunla for details or ask me how to get involved!

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User Image pas_de_quatre Posted: Nov 22, 2017 6:17 AM (UTC)
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Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow - Melody Beattie
#photography #fall #leaves #holidayseason #quotes #gratitude #umkc
User Image silversethi_dietician Posted: Nov 22, 2017 6:17 AM (UTC)
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Mealtime: a big chopped guava with peels n a ripe medium sized crushed Amla... treating myself with awesum dozes of vitamin c, vitamin a and b, (sitting under the winter sun for some vitamin d consumption), this bowl contains nutrients rich in manganese, pottasium, folate, lycopene n other antioxidants, excellent fibre values, cholesterol free, low carb, nerve stimulating, anti ageing, gut friendly, heart friendly, good for the eyes, boon for skin health, improves digestion, stimulates metabolism, gut cleanser, energy booster, raw, real, yummy n tangy... #guava #amla #chooseraw #choosereal #bereal #gratitude #mlovingit ❤️
User Image thinksuzen Posted: Nov 22, 2017 6:16 AM (UTC)
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Himalayan yak are some of the strongest, heartiest, and lovely beings. Villagers depend on their life giving milk (and cheeses made from the milk) all year round and also as beasts of burden. Their dried droppings are used as fuel and often the only fuel available on the high altitude treeless plateaus. Though personally I found yak’s milk a bit strong for my taste, I was grateful to have yak cheese during my travels in the Himalayas because of these beautiful creatures. #thinksuzen #himalayas #yak #gratitude #cheese
User Image reikimasterkate Posted: Nov 22, 2017 6:09 AM (UTC)
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Whatever you have been feeling recently is absolutely correct. Your intuition is on point and the angels are here to congratulate you on trusting your vibes. Feeling is one thing, but trusting is another. When you wholeheartedly trust in your intuition and the feelings you have been given, you come into alignment with who you truly are and the angelic guidance which surrounds you. Today is the day you must trust what your intuition is telling you ... but also trust your guidance on what you should do with it. Ensure it is for everyone’s highest good - and that includes yourself. Your psychic and intuitive abilities are developing more and more every day. The angels are here to encourage you to go with whatever you feel your soul has been trying to tell you. Rich intuitive and psychic knowledge is downloading into your core and the angels are encouraging you to follow this guidance. As you take this step, it may bring up some fears or concerns, but trust in the angels who are on this spiritual journey with you. When you take the first step, the next step will be presented to you. Trust your vibes! #spiritualjourney #spiritualpath #thepath #trust #intuition #trustyourintuition #trustyourvibes #vibes #frequency #vibration #energetic #guidance #wisdom #enlightenment #awake #ascend #ascension #angels #angelprayers #oracle #oraclecards #youniverse #blessup #gratitude #raiseyourvibration #vibratehigher #align #connect #knowledge

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