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Par de tórtolas en la Fiesta del Colegio San Judas Tadeo 😍 #Loveis #grandpas #venezolanosrd
Lots of memories of this old farm ❤️❤️❤️ #grandpas #farm #fall #memories #missinghim
serenidade no olhar de quem dá exemplo pelo amor! Enverga mas não quebra!! #jayr #grandpas #meuexemplo #thuglife
Spending the day with my grandparents and parents. ❤
Let me tell you about these two. 😌

These two have by far been the most influential men in my life. The calmest, smartest, wisest, and most good natured men a person will ever know. All three of us are exactly 30 years apart and seeing each other all together at this stage in life.... Really is special. My Grandpa is 86 and he keeps on moving. Even after all those surgeries and procedures.
He keeps going. We are the Spier men. Separated by generations but United by family. I love them. 💘

My Dad looks amazing for 56 doesn't he? 😀

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