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This custom made hat for @hellothereolivia is finished! My models are the best in this world 👴🏼👵🏼
It was hard on my pride to have to move in with my parents and even harder because more than 3 years later we are still here.
But this is one of the most important reasons why we stay. She has built amazing relationships with her Meemaw and Papa and it really does take a village to raise a child. 👧🏼 They model for her a solid and godly marriage - something I can't do for her. They provide dynamics that help teach life lessons and responsibility. They help balance and ground me in my role as a single parent.
And most importantly, she's happy just to hang out in the dirt with people while love her. 😍
Happy Sunday Everyone! We love this sweet reminder of parents and grandparents at a wedding by including their wedding photos in your decorations. Reach out to your parents today to tell them just how much you love them. 📷 @brinkerhoff_photography
Day 2: Seeing my grandparents! Seeing them always makes me happy and having them come for a belated Thanksgiving was great! #30daysofhappy #grandparents #newcar #belatedthanksgiving #happiness
The things I do for money with the help of my sister. As you can see, my grandparents love their Miller Lite😂 we got a barrel and a half full of beer cans. Also I decided to throw in a picture of my bike that my grandpa gave to me.
#cans #crushing #recycle #money #job #beer #millerlite #grandparents #barrels #sister #bike #harleydavidson
Thank you to everyone who has given me kind words, texts, emails. I appreciate it more than you know. Today was very difficult for me. Thankfully, my sweet @quatrocat came up to be with me, even though he had to rush back home to nyc, it meant so much. A lot of people came to pay their respects to my family and I. I just want to say thank you. My grandma was truly special. She was such a hard worker, she was truly a hustler. She was so caring and gave everything to her children, siblings, husband, and grandchildren. I will miss her so much and my heart will forever be missing a piece. But she is no longer in pain and I know she desperately wanted to be with my Grandpa and my cousin Dylan. It has been so lovely being with my 7 other cousins and spending time with my mom and Dad. Thank you again to everyone for helping me, supporting me, and letting me cry, babble, and vent. It all means a lot. #inlovingmemory #family #grandparents #thankyou
thanks for making it such an awesome weekend for me! so happy i got to see you all! i love you and miss you already but can't wait to see you again! missed you @dr.glock #family #momma #brothers #brothersforlife #grandparents #bloodbrothers #missyou #untilnexttime #loveyouguys

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