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II Classy & Sassy LLC! 6165 St. Andrews Rd Columbia S.C 29212! #Grand- Opening Oct 28th 2017
Congratulations to these two amazing souls! Everything was so beautiful and perfect emphasizing you two not only as individuals but as the great couple you are. We're so glad to know and love you two! Standing next to you really made me flashback on all the years of endless laughs, a few cries and so many adventures. Thank you for not only including us to be apart of your special day but for your constant support, love and friendship. Cheers to our past, our present and our future. Getting older is better with y'all by our side. We love you so very much Mr. & Mrs. Oceguera! #HappilyEverOceguera #Grand #Sissy #ZiasNinos
As fragrâncias usadas no inverno, fortes e surpreendentes são aquelas que marcam, que deixam um rastro inconfundível no ar. A Deo Colônia Grand foi desenvolvida para o homem moderno e bem-sucedido. Sua fragrância transmite poder e sensualidade. Use Grand e surpreenda! #hinode #grand #belezamasculina #inverno #produtos

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