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ajfoiz 5M ago
How I feel about having only one week left at work. #dontwannago #graduationprobs
Why is this girl in Cancun without me right now 😭😍💔 wish I was there instead of my head in the books #graduationprobs
started moving out of the studio today. among the things I packed up were 1 bath towel, 1 pillow, 1 sleeping bag, 1 waffle maker, and a car full of clay, tools, and supplies. didn't have enough room for all my glaze buckets. 😕 #graduationprobs
How I long to be sitting at a wheel throwing right now. My heart is actually aching. I hope the day comes sooner rather than later. #wheel #ceramics #throw #wheelthrown #stripes #please #graduationprobs #withdrawls #art #artist #fineart #vase #homedecor
Finally got graduation pictures back and I just now realized we took this one. Also, I'm now tired of Facebook notifications. #GraduationProbs
just me and all my friends sitting in the baseball dugout!! the baseball boys clearly love me so much and want to hang out everyday #Houston #state #cantgo #graduationprobs #lovemykids #theylovemycrocs #IRockatTapeJobs
Oh my driveway! I just keep saying to myself it will be better next week... Oh geez until then. lol! :) #hardworkinghubby #partycomingup #graduationprobs
Today I mic'd up one last time at Studio 96. The past 4 years as an anchor have been an experience I wouldn't trade for the world. I want to thank my two advisors: Dr. Amy Jones and Dusty Prine for working with me and watching me grow as an anchor. Dusty, thank you for always having confidence in me and hanging in there through the rough days. Dr. Amy, thank you for always being my cheerleader and trusting me to crank out a script at any given moment. The words of advice and life lessons from you two will be something I cherish forever. To my little trainee, @brejohnson97 take it day by day and enjoy every moment of it. Thank you for your support and kind words always. On your last day behind the desk, I hope you remember all of the great memories and analogies I made up for you. Signing off, one last time. Randa Simpson, Livingston, Alabama. Studio 96. #imcprobs #graduationprobs
2 years of music making with these sweet friends (& 3 not pictured) I'm going to miss them & their families so much! #graduationprobs #ontonewadventures
Well it was good season. Almost made it to hoopla. Had a good time playing with my teammates. Made some good memories. #andthatsawrap #lastballgameever #graduationprobs
: Turn on your volume! : where do college kids go when they graduate? : #dontgointothelight #lanadelrey
For all of you who keep asking me over and over and over as to what I'm going to do when I graduate... Here you go! #dubsmash #graduationprobs #senior #chocolate
So I leave for college in 19 days.. And it's starting to hit me that I won't be able to be in a classroom with my favorite teacher, though I only had her for one year. I'm going to miss her and I'm probably not going to make it in college without her motivation. Miss you hartwig G😔 thanks for the best school year of my life! #graduationprobs #favoritepersonever #HartwigG #gonnamissher @bchartwig