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Grateful to have been invited to speak @bravegirlsclub Brave Girl's Symposium. To have been re-connected with some very dear friends, Brave Girl Sisters. Grateful to have made some amazing new friends who's stories inspire me & leave me in awe of their beauty & grace. Grateful to have been re-minded of my truths.
Show up.
I am not my body.
There is no shame in mental illness.
Prejudice goes both ways.
Seek Freedom.
Celebrate who I was created to be.
Some personal boundaries are excuses to be selfish.
Share your voice.
Grief is real.
I am stronger than the monsters that are real to me.
I am unfolding.
Science is cool.
My marriage is a gift.
True friends are the best friends.
Tell the truth.
Secrets hurt.
I am a maker.
Go wide. Not deep.
Love can fix it.
#noplacelikehome #gowidenotdeep #bravegirlssymposium2017 #bravegirlssymposium #bravegirls #iamabravegirl #lovecanfixit
What a week! Spending it with these amazing dear friends @bravegirlsclub Brave Girls Symposium made me so happy! A huge thanks to @melodyrossbravegirl @bravegirlkathy @kalliemaughan for a beautiful experience! Thank you @secretsofatraveler & @jeanneoliver thank you for being my roomies! I love you dearly!
#bravegirls #bravegirlssymposium #bravegirlssymposium2017 #gowidenotdeep
Love this girl! You should check this out! Our first Creative Morning outing. @cm_louisville is pretty awesome! #creativemornings #louisville #gowidenotdeep good advice in the business world. #dontbeanexpertinanything
Our first #creativemornings in the books! It was such a great experience-- I recommend it y'all. Check it out here 👉 | @cm_louisville and major props ✋ to @sunergos_coffee ☕️ and Nord's 🍩 for the tasty breakfast! #winning #cmlou #gowidenotdeep #isitjuneyet?