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Мое Рождество совсем не Рождество, буду пересматривать #gossipgirlonline #gossipgirl #сплетницу и радоваться за #chuck & #blair
Hey gossip girl like all was there is not why out of the return of the ring if your in it u stay in it ~GossipGirl
Double tap if u love 💜 blair and chuck 💜~ Gossip Girl
Rise and shine UpperEastSide it a day that has just began but there are secrets that need to be releas- xoxo, Gossip Girl
Looks like Ed is in a new movie Romeo and Juliet can't wait to watch it
Gossip girl here your one and only we have a Visitor look like Serena back to the upper east side Gossip -
Raise and sine Upper East Side and I will give the gossip Xoxo, Gossip Girl