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Carved pumpkins at our beach campsite with the fire pit and Halloween music going. We had to put our phones in our pumpkins because we forgot the candles. 📱🎃😂🤷🏼‍♂️
'Not gonna let 'em catch the midnight rider'
Leesburg Bikefest 2017
So this was fun! This past Spring, Progressive Insurance had a great set up at the Canal Street Town Square in Downtown Leesburg with large stage set and Flo's Chop Shop. What an amazing pop up salon! You could even get an airbrushed tattoo! 😉 Jeff played 🎸a show one night on the Progressive Stage and then the next night we went to see Quennsryche perform🎶. We took the RV and dry camped for 2 nights. We were fortunate to know someone with an empty lot a block from Main Street. I didn't do an elaborate set up outside the RV, just a small table and chairs for friends to visit, cool off and grab a bite to eat. I love that my Thor Four Winds RV is fully contained and I can take it anywhere! My friends love it too! Thank goodness for the extra bed over the cab! 📷 credit:@goneglampingagain

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I just put up our sailing route on my insta story check it out! There's a storm on its way so we are hoping to be on our way after that! ⛵️
If you would like to be apart of helping supplies reach Puerto Rico and some of the other islands hit by the hurricanes, please donate in the link on my profile🖤
Beautiful fall day at @RoloffFarms! We've been so inspired by @JeremyRoloff & @AudreyRoloff of @Beating50 to be intentional about having a godly marriage, so it was awesome to see their family's farm!
So our neighbors @nealysonwheels really did leave us today after our false start last week. Brandon took this photo last week when he and @deasnealy went up to Engineer Pass for a little off-roading. They ran into some some snow at about 12,000 ft and detoured into Ouray for a bite me and brew. #SundayFunday
Haven’t even hooked up the 2000W sound system but this Dynamat is worth the money just for how it makes the door sound when it’s closed #snorader #yotahome4x4
It’s funny how Heath absolutely refuses for us to camp in the Walmart parking lot, but will beg for us to park at Harvest Host overnight. Is the parking lot level? No. Was it the best burger and fries I’ve ever had? 💯 Plus we had fields out our windows and a gorgeous sunset and did I mention the fries? Because seriously. 🍟😍🍟
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Who's ready for Halloween camping? Throwback to last year when @lostrivets brought the whole family to the campground. I just posted on our Facebook page the kid craft for this Saturday, costumes encouraged, but not required.
Things that are always worth it: taking the time to watch the sunrise/sunset ☀️💕 Guess which of us prefers which? 😂 What do you love to make time for when you travel?
Larry was admitted to the “hospital” today! He requires a major organ transplant (transmission) , all worn out after only 3800 miles! Hats off to Roger and the gang at #mercedesbenzofsantarosa for making this a priority. The silver lining is a day or tour to explore the westcoast and perhaps sip some wine with my sweetheart @patricia_lakelover #explorewithunity #ltv #gorving #rvlife
When you’re half a mile from your campground, ready to just get set up and relax and this happens 😤😡 Lowest clearance we’ve ever passed through! It was 12’5”. We are 11’11”. 🙅🏻 Oh in case you couldn’t hear it that was me saying “I hate it I hate it I hate it this sucks” I believe.
We have some serious love for this new home of ours. In just two weeks we've seen the biggest tree in the world, watched the sun rise + fall in Yosemite, drove through the desert of Nevada, and are now camped in the middle of Moab! ⠀

And since we've been getting so many questions already about this crazy (+ amazing) RV life, we decided to host a Facebook Live Q&A with our friends at @CreativeRV. Stay tuned for more details this week, and be sure to follow along as we share more of our journey on @CreativeRV's page 🚍🗺

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