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User Image mamatortuga Posted: Feb 20, 2018 5:00 PM (UTC)

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I don't know if is the same for you but around here the weather is changing rapidly and the #spring is coming fast!!! I had been devoting a lot of my time to my new exercise routine and to my #garden and yes preparation is key to have a good successful spring season!!! So here I would love to share this very easy bilingual mini tutorial on how to make your own fairy garden with your children!!!! I would love to be tag if you have one already or if you plan to make one soon!! I have so many new baby plants coming up!! But if you want to check my hashtag #mamatortugagarden you can see pics of my garden around the year!!! The link for this tutorial is at my profile 😚👆👆
#mamatortuga #springiscoming #easytutorial #childrencrafts #naturekids #nature #liveauthentic #goplayoutside #theartofslowliving #exploremore #livethelittlethings #candidchildhood #hikeitbaby #kidsforreal #mkbkids #getoutstayout #lifesbetteroutside #capturethemoment #keepitwild
User Image p.0.z Posted: Feb 20, 2018 4:45 PM (UTC)
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p.0.z 14m ago
Destination 🇴🇲 Middle East pearl for those who loves real adventures 🌍
Elephants and leopards and monkeys, oh my! Actually we also saw wild buffalo, crocodiles, boas, all kinds of amazing birds, and other gorgeous wildlife on our safari. We had the luck to see leopards, which can happen as there are about 60 in the whole park, but they’re hard to spot as they hide quite a bit . . . sadly we couldn’t capture them clearly on camera...just through binoculars, but we had a long look at them. A gift just for the memory. 🙏🏻 Lots of hours in the jeep, but it was great fun and it was so peaceful just watching them in the wild. My kids loved the experience! ♥️ So grateful for these beautiful earthlings! We’re ready for Africa next! 😀👍🏻
User Image kweaverton Posted: Feb 20, 2018 4:42 PM (UTC)

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Why study history?
User Image ministrygroup Posted: Feb 20, 2018 4:40 PM (UTC)

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Next Level-Raucherpause. Unsere Entwickler/Brains von Napsys (unser Software-Haus) haben mal schnell nen heißen Draht gebaut.
Gone with the family - ever thought about a family trip to Provence!? 🧡 You will find an insiders guide, written by @bozaround with the best activities & restaurants in our magazine!
Shot by: @alexandraklever
User Image Posted: Feb 20, 2018 4:34 PM (UTC)
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Nothing like a long and beautiful weekend of biking, eating and seeing friends to refuel the energy tank! #moreplease
User Image deeloresco_ Posted: Feb 20, 2018 4:35 PM (UTC)

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Dumping my so-so shots here until I learn how to snap good ones. Street scene and signs in yallō ✌️

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