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› Crush 😍
Ma première paire de mocassins ! Bon j’ai pas fait le choix de la discrétion mais ils vont vraiment avec tout 👌🏻
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➵ Bonne soirée !
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During this mornings workout I was thinking about how we are all motivated different and by different things. Lately I have noticed my workouts haven't been as FUN as they once were and I have been just doing them because well.. it's my job and thinking about what motivates me.. MOTIVATED ME to get back to what I enjoy about working out!!! I've also got a little SECRET👄 for ya... I HATED WORKING OUT or anything active for that matter before these at home workouts. I never played sports, never worked out regularly and never did anything in gym class. I actually FAILED gym one year because I didn't do ANYTHINGGGG!🙈 I was always the one who chose to "walk the track" instead of play sports. Anybody relate ??? 🤣
So here's what motivates ME: 👇🏻
💕 Cute/Matching workout clothes🏃🏼‍♀️
💕 MY OWN Fitness Results and Changes💪🏻
💕 Watching my form👌🏻
(I have a mirror in my home gym!)☺️
💕 Checking another program off my TO DO list!☑️
💕 Inspiring others to do this TOO!👯
So what motivates you?🤔 .
Maybe it's some of the above also, maybe it's your children, your health, watching the number on the scale lower, or that muscle definition your seeing, maybe you enjoy competition, or seeing others workout. I'd love to know what motivates YOU to push play everyday. ▶️
Wanna brainstorm and find out what motivates you and how I can help you stay committed to your own health and fitness journey, just reach out📲 via PM or the link in my BIO. I'd LOVEEEE to chat! 😘
Silky, milky, my smile is like sunshine 💕✨

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