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Just a reminder: Nothing could be all that bad when something as cute as Bailey exists.
#firsthaircut #goldensofinstagram
That will teach him to touch my bed! #dontmesswithme #mineismine .
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Make sure to follow the rest of my adorable crew The Golden Nuggets
As promised, here are Sparkles most recent tricks from the book!
Trick 25-Limp
26-Hup(Jump through a hoop)
27-Go through(push hoop up and run through)
Video Caption
Video 1- “Sparkles limp. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes! Good.*Dog panting*”
Video 2- “Go hup! Good girl.”
Guess what everyone! Today is my mom’s Birthday! She’s the best!! She always gives me treats and scratchies, and don’t tell dad, but she also gives me the supper scraps when he’s not looking! I love her a lot and I’m really glad that she’s my mom! #goldenretriever #dogs #dogsofinstagram #dogsofinsta #goldendoodlesofinstagram #dog #golden #goldens #goldensofinstagram
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when I showed my tail who's boss.
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