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Another late post, but it was awesome getting to meet @datdudebp and give him an Angels custom bobblehead of himself (BP got the fielding one with the glasses on top of the hat). Hope you enjoy, brother! Thanks for the auto!

It was really fun making these Phillips customs (especially the dual bobblehead). Hope you come back next year, BP!
#gohalos #brandonphillips #datdudebp #angels #angelsbaseball #lightupthehalo #speedandpower @angels @angelsradioam830 #custom #bobblehead
Just want to say thank you to the @angels for the opportunity to work for them this season. It was a pleasure working with everyone and I'm very honored to receive this award. This was a great experience and I can't wait to do it again next season!
And shoutout to the homie Bob for winning this award with me lol. #EOTY #GoHalos
Had a rad time today taking #mylittledude to his first #Angel game! He loved it! For the first hour or so. #GavinStewart #3/4ofthegarretts #gohalos
Never been here before. I love the stadium and even the water feature. Just kind of hard to root for the home team when they give up 5 in the top of the 8th to blow their lead and lose. :(
End of an era. My dad decided to discontinue his season seats. For 15 seasons we've watched the @angels from section 410...lots of memories and good times with my dad and the rest of the fam. It's been fun. #gohalos #ltbu #lastgamein410