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When you're minding your own business drinking your coffee in the morning and sportscenter puts you on TV. #gogiants #dodgerssuck
One of the main reasons I'm a wet shaver. Can't grow a beard to save my life 😥😂 Been sick and lazy for last few weeks and kinda let myself go. I've seen teenagers with better beards. Lol 😅😅😅 I'm going to go shave now! 😃 #selfie #beard #beardlife #shave #mensgrooming #gogiants #nygiants #shaving
The moment your realize they switch play callers! 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿
🗣Humble works Mcadoo! #gogiants #nygiants #elimanning #gmen
still #kapernick #equalityforall
The day before your birthday eight years ago was our first time getting to see the Giants play in Denver. Every year since we have traveled to a Giants game elsewhere since they are only in town every eight years. We were so excited they would finally be in town again this year. It was a strange empty feeling being at a Giants game without you knowing you would have been right by my side the whole night. Thank you to my sister and brother in law I was able to go to the game with the rest family together. The Giants haven’t won a game since you have left and we were all together. That win meant way more than the record behind it. I felt you and heard your voice in my head the whole night dad thank you for showing me you are here 💙 I love you and miss you more than anything! #GoGiants #AlwaysLoyal #For13