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v_fit_ 45m ago
Happy Monday! Today's workout wasn't the best, but I still came in & did it! Just gotttt do it!!! Wishing everyone a successful week ahead!!! @acefitness #GoodLighting
Although life has thrown some curveballs lately, god has blessed me too immensely to even focus on them. I can't even fathom how I got so lucky to be this little boys momma and I haven't even met him!!!! #bustingattheseams #blessedbeyondmeasure #maverickmichael #godissogood
When you're just a lil ol' student teacher, and the principal randomly pops into your master teacher's classroom, observes you, and then requests for you (a STUDENT teacher) to go model a lesson for the primary special education teachers. AND she leaves this cute little encouraging note. That just happened. #GodisSOgood #hotmessexpress #aslongastheyrelearning
Do you ever have days where you just kind of want to run away? Days when those indescribable feelings of pain nestled in your heart need to get out but they can't because they are so embedded? This is a season filled with that for me and some days are easier then others. But this morning was not one of them... I had finished all my errands and knew I had to distract myself in something enjoyable, but on my drive there, I saw a deer right in front of me on the road, slowly dieing as it tried to across to the forest. The car in front of me had just hit it and I lost my ability to contain the tears I had been fighting for hours. Like I completely lost it, and almost had to pull over.
When this world is too much, I drive up my street and park my car here, at the top of my neighborhood. I sit and no one knows. I cry and yell and plead with God. At night I see the stars, sometimes its cloudy, sometimes its super dark and stormy. But from right here I can see things that are bigger then me, bigger then my pain, bigger then my fears, bigger then this season of life. Right here I know that I am small and meak, but my God is so strong and mighty. You can never run away from life... but you always can run to the one that gives it, and that gives me strength. #godissogood #prayer #christ #peace #sadness #lifeishard #mountrainier #seattle #seattlelife #hardday #pain #sarrow #gettingawayfromitall #mountains #wilderness #forest
There’s no smile I love more in this world! Happy birthday to my number 1 guy! Love you papa!! #GodisSOgood 🎉❤️🐻
prow5 1h ago
I love a transformation this sweet ♡ and she has some new jewelry ♡ This cutie is on her way to her new home.
Certainly enjoyed this project and meeting her new owner, a precious soul.
#paintismyfriend #chalkpaint
#vintagefurniture #vintagehardware #antiquechinacabinet
Visiting Mama. Last time we were here together was 10 January 1998... almost twenty years ago. ❤ Life is short. Love well. Be kind. Practice gratitude. Let go of anger. Face your fears. Laugh out loud. Spend time with people you love. Don't settle. Act justly. Find your passion. Live out your dream. Take the last bite. Give of yourself, of your heart. Forgive. Be present. Stop waiting. CHERISH. EVERY. MOMENT. ❤
Went on an eight mile canoe trip down the Mississippi River today! It was the perfect day for it and the views were amazing! #mnfall #optoutside #monsonadventures #family #nofilterneeded #godissogood
October 2nd was a very special day for Caleb and I as we became first time Home Owners!!!! We are so excited as we take this next step together. God is so good to us and provided exceeding, abundantly above all that we asked for. We could not have done it without Him.
#Blessed #GodisSoGood
I created this account to boast about God. God has been such a remedy in my twisted life. I was broken and he found all my missing pieces and brought me back to life. Last year, at this time I was coming out a psych ward, rehab and the aftermath of sexual assault. I was so lost and so hopeless. I didn’t know how to function. But today God took all my ashes, all my issues and turned them into something beautiful. God is life. God is love. #godisgood #godisgreat #Godisreal #rapesurvivor #whole #life #jesus #trustingod #beautyforashes #ilovegod #godredeens #godheals #godissogood #godlovesme #love #peace #art #artist
The only One who can truly satisfy a human heart is the One who made it 🙌✨♥️🙏🏼 #blessed #loveandlight #godissogood ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨💫
#ThankYouGodForEverything #ThankYouGodForOurGifts #ThankYouGodForMyBand #GodIsSoGood #PozitiveVybrationz #HealzTheNation #Baddrummy #PhenominalMusicians #PlayingWithAPurpose #DoingWhatWeLove #LovingWhatWeDo #BlessedInManyWays I am absolutely speechless as to how truly blessed we are. All I can say is thank you God and i'll never stop thanking you for your wonderful works. #HumbledByHisGraceAndBlessings 🙌🙌🙌🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏👏❤❤❤😎😎😎😊😊😊😊
Excited about the UNKNOWN.
▪Unknown people I will help.
▪Unknown opportunities that will arise.
▪Unknown experiences.
▪Unknown relationships built.
▪Unknown new team builders.
▪Unknown conclusions in stories that will unfold.
You see all my life I've always tried to control the outcome of what will happen with things that I have no control over...So instead I've learned to let things unfold the way they're supposed to. If god put me in it then he'll get me through it and he never lets me down, ever. 🙏
Have an amazing unknown week! 💪
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