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One Skirt.. Several ways to wear It.. Sideway.
Thanks to my super gorgeous bff, my all time favorite, my Beautiful Model, my esteemed client... #madeintanzania
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Everyone has a gift but its my belief that its not a God given gift until you use it to help others. A gift is good for YOU. It makes YOU money, puts food on YOUR table, clothes on YOUR back but if it only benefits you (and even your small circle/family) when there's a world filled with people in need, it can only be deemed YOUR gift. It only becomes a God Given gift when you give it away. Not one family has ever been charged for me showing up. No bill was ever sent for the toys. I ONLY suit up for children in need and NEVER for entertainment based events because I am reserved for those who are trapped behind hospital walls and or their illness. When childhoods are being stripped away by unforseen circumstances, I bring it back along with hope, friendship, and love. Thats my God given gift. To shed light and love in the darkest corners of life. Because I know in my heart that how much money I made, how big my house was, nice my car was, or how famous I become means nothing to God or the world when I'm gone. So in reality, all we really have is our hearts and what we do with them 🙏🏼 God bless world. #HeartOfaHero #Spiderman #GodGivenGift #Love #Light #Hope #InspireOthers #Motivate #Grateful #Thankful #GiveToOthers #Blessings #Prayers #TogetherWeStand #Compassion #Caring #Smiles #TeamWork #YourLife #YourMessage #JohnMuirWalnutCreek #WalnutCreek #Ca
Never have I heard such powerful writing. So literal but yet so beautiful and likable! @teddysphotos I'm not cryin 😭😭 you're cryin. "A heart that's broke, is a heart that's been loved" #music #respect #godgivengift #love #mother #mynewfavorite #allthefeels
God has given me desires and dreams, snapshots of what is to come in my family's ministry and in our personal lives. It can be frustrating not knowing the details of HOW it will all come to be though, or WHEN my God given dreams will become reality and not the current work in progress they are right now.
God reminded me yesterday that it's not my job to know the details like the how's and when's. My job is to simply walk in faith that He WILL do what He said to me years ago.
You and I have the advantage of living in New Testament days, we can read in the Bible all the stories were God gave someone a dream, they had to wait a long time but then God did fulfill His promise and dream to them. David was told as a young boy he would be king but it was MANY years later that he did. He is just one of many that was given a dream but had to wait/learn lessons first for it to become reality. Our dreams are the same, they will come to be but in God's perfect timing. So look to the Bible and be encouraged by the stories there that remind us God doesn't dangle dreams in front of us but brings them to be eventually. And part of the joy is in the journey of learning valuable lessons and growing closer to God. The dream reached is great, but don't forget to enjoy the benefits of the journey towards the dream too ❤️
Okay, so we were actually giving thumbs up in this picture because we had just got engaged :) But today, over a year into married life, Mark and I have been giving the thumbs up to honouring our hunger too. It's one of the guidelines behind the popular concept of Intuitive Eating. We have been practicing it for a long time, not knowing it had a name to it but enjoying the benefits.
God equipped our bodies with tools to help us be at healthy weights. By using our God given senses to look for hunger and full cues, we also are mentally healthier too since it reduces stress over knowing how much to eat.
I don't have to worry about eating too much or too little. I simply have regular check ins with my tummy and trust my tummy to tell me the truth. It lets me know when I'm hungry or when I'm full. You just have to intentionally look for the signals since some people have unlearned how to use this tool.
I used to portion out my meals but then would feel bad when I ate more than I had planned. I realize now that was nothing to feel guilty about! By planning the day ahead how much I was going to eat, I wasn't honouring my hunger needs the next day. I still meal plan what we will eat and portion out food that is easy for me to ignore my hunger cues when eating, but for the most part I just tune into my tummy. And sometimes it tells me to leave food on my plate since it's full and satisfied but sometimes it tells me to take a second helping! Neither is better or worse, what's important is that you honoured your hunger. Try it today! It's freeing and enjoyable to use our God given abilities to nourish our bodies AND free our minds from unnecessary worry over food amounts😀
#Grace has been given to you, use that #godgivengift to be the #answer to someone’s prayers. You just might save a life or simply make someone’s day!!
✨51/100✨ Funk Version Of Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You” - @scarypockets 🎸 One day I’ll look back at the video and think “why on earth did I show my face in this🙄😅” I have a weird bass face ngl but anyway, I found it really fun learning this song by ear, a really funky version of the song. •

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🎸50/100🎸TODAY WAS ONE OF THE BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE! Today I went to the open day at ICMP/The Institute Of Contemporary Music Performance and I performed with a bunch of other fantastic musicians! Saw two AMAZING bands perform too. I never thought I would perform today, everyone was just asked for a drummer, bassist, guitarist and when I went up I just learnt a few notes in under 5 minutes and we all started to jam to “Can’t Feel My Face” by The Weeknd! @icmplondon is such a great place to go to! •

#godgivengift #bassist #bass #music #musician #musiciansofinstagram #jamsession #youngbassist #youngmusicians #youngmusicians #icmp #100daysofpractice #100daysofpracticechallenge #vibe #basslove

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