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evlt0y 18m ago
A Building made of part copper and owned by Francis Ford Coppola - The Sentinel Building or Columbus Tower was where he penned the Godfather and also houses on the ground level cafe zoetrope which he also owns - Kylie got some awesome day shots and hopefully we can get back tomorrow for some more. #besttimeever #marrige #imsolucky #godfather #mafioso #marlonbrando #alpacino #donvitocorleone #sanfrancisco
2008...His 75th 🎂. Our LAST pic together😞🙏🙈Miss you everyday Grandpa! (Big Papa) ALWAYS thumbs up👍#DonRamon#The#GodFather
Funko Fashion Friday. Our first model, #wonderwoman is wearing a Grecian-style dress with a low v-back; perfect for times when you need to conceal a sword that just won't fit in the matching clutch you stole, along with the dress, from some poor party-goer (remind me not to mess with that Amazon!). Miss #hermionegranger in a lovely pink ruffled frock with shiny ornaments adorning her unexpectedly coiffed hair (it's normally a hot mess). Isn't she just a vision! Too bad the boy she's all dolled up for is such a tool! Next is #MargaeryTyrell in a provocative, thin blue gown with enough cleavage to piss off her future mother-in-law! Go Margery! The former Princess #ahamanet turned #mummy is in a daring skin hugging, continuous roll of essential oil-soaked linen bandages complete with curses tattooed on the rest of her body (what a trend-setter this chick is!) For those a little more adventurous, #ellenripley is sporting a pair of comfy cargo pants w/enough pockets to hold a small arsenal of grenades and even a cat; a simple tshirt for when "things start to heat up" and a pair of boots that'll get you from slime to dinner time on those days when fighting #aliens becomes a real pain in the gun-toting shoulder. #braveheart seems to be feeling a bit blue, or is he too cold under that traditional Scottish kilt. Now I understand why he was always yelling, "freedom!" 😉. Not to be out done, #cousineddie is in a too-short robe wearing mukluks and a warm cap, perfect for those days when you need to dump a little raw sewage down your neighborhood storm drain! Let's pray the belt on his robe doesn't come untied, we might have our own "Thunder Down Under" show going on (if you catch my "drift"). For those of you who would love to see the world through rose-colored glasses, but see freaky creatures instead, Miss #lunalovegood is wearing said glasses with a mismatched outfit and fruit and bug accessories. It's good to be different. #penelopepitstop in pink is positively precious! Finally Vito the #godfather Corleone made Miss #hollygolightly an offer she couldn't refuse, #breakfastattiffanys. It's good to be a mobster. #FunkoPhotoADay @originalfunko #funkopop #funkofunatic
I don enjoy being normal or be the same most of the time.. The awkwardness of being different is part of me.. While most pple dress up for the theme #godfather #gangster I decided to be the Badass Mafia #joker #suicidesquad and incorporated with #halloweenmakeup as it's October. Though I didnt win best dress, I think Im cool enough :) #muasg #makeupartistsg #makeupservices #melisvain
Michael's Italian bride, Apollonia (Simonetta Stefanelli), is cruelly murdered in an explosion. #simonettastefanelli
Mempeng kerjo ora mikir rogo, dino klawan dino umur tambah tuo koyo" ora diroso. :( tuhan tolong jaga dia yang terkasih 🙏
Damn, is it the Fall? Time for me to revisit the past, there's women to call #yeezus #paradise #godfather #livelife

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