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Endicott Police Department @chevy Tahoe, New York
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Dm me first responders related photos with information to be featured!
Go follow: @michigan.police.vehicles
Feel free to repost any photos or videos posted here
All the credit goes to the original and rightful owner(s) of any photos/videos posted!!! #firefighter #EMS #police #thinblueline #thinredline #soldier #US #policelifematters #bluelivesmatter #weseeyou #supportpolice #goblue #Lawenforment #backtheblue #ford #trooper #hero
User Image top.fuel.squigz Posted: Dec 15, 2017 5:50 PM (UTC)
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Fabshop lunch today, buy one get one #bigmac when the Colts sack the opposing teams quarterback. We are all sleepy now. #lethargic #bigmacsack #colts #teamlunch #teambonding #goblue #chuckpagano
User Image k_stricklen Posted: Dec 15, 2017 5:45 PM (UTC)

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Who knew when I joined LA fitness in February that I would end up meeting some of the coolest people! Sometimes it's social hour, and sometimes we work It's called #balance 😂😂😂 right @tighttonechampions lmao thanks so much for this amazing gift @a_sports_gal I LOVE IT! and thanks for picking up these brownies for me! I can't wait to try them! #lennyandlarrys #gymlife #plastics #itsthemostwonderfultimeoftheyear #goblue #bathandbodyworks
User Image sterling411 Posted: Dec 15, 2017 5:30 PM (UTC)
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Baby it's cold outside, come on in for some free cocoa!

Susana L.
How many years did you cheer at Marshall?
-3 years
Best football game experience?
-The semifinal victory because once that game was out of the way I knew our team was going to be champions.
What do you like most about Marshall?
-The community at Marshall because we all manage to be a calm, peaceful, and helpful Barristers whenever it is needed.
What’s next after you graduate?
-I will be attending a 4 year university to major in Neuroscience.
Why do you love to cheer
-I love to cheer not only because of the many opportunities we are given to attend events but also the bonds our cheer team made with other sports teams for cheering them on.
#WeAreMarshall #MOS #onceaBARRISTERalwaysaBARRISTER #BleedBlue #HailM #GoBlue
User Image umainefh Posted: Dec 15, 2017 5:09 PM (UTC)
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Safe travels and Happy Holidays to all our family, friends and supporters!! #umainefh #blackbearnation #goblue 🎅🌲☃️🌲
User Image le_voov Posted: Dec 15, 2017 5:03 PM (UTC)
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le_voov 55m ago
🏈 Imbibing with Freemark Abbey 2013 Merlot While Watching ‘the’ Ohio State Get Their Ass Handed To Them By Iowa State! 🍷🍷 Okay, so just to be clear, I grew up playing sports, NOT wasting my time watching as a spectator. Other than
the Olympics, I don’t recall ever seeing sports on our family TV. However, when I lived overseas in Southeast Asia, I developed a true love for the game of Rugby. It’s highly athletic, yet has always maintained the title of a ‘gentleman’s sport’ due to the integrity that has been maintained by the players. ****ENTER MY HUSBAND BRIAN… Suddenly, I’m thrown into the collective craziness of college football and all it’s trimmings. His family has gone so far as to create their very own version of the Heisman trophy, which is bestowed upon the member of the family whose Alma mater ranks the highest in the Big Ten playoffs. Oh my, far too much drama for me, but it makes for a uniting cause to win possession of the ‘Family Trophy’ just the same…
My husband attended University of Michigan for his graduate program. After dating for a few months, I was graced with my very own ‘M’ sweatshirt. I innocently wore it to the grocery store where complete strangers yelling ‘GO BLUE!’ at high volume verbally assaulted me with their enthusiasm. I quickly retreated home & inquired as to the sudden onslaught of loud people obsessed with the color blue.
Over several cocktails I learned about the practically cellular loyalty that came with simply attending the
University of Michigan. Holy crap, these folks are serious about their sports. Once we were all clear on the passion surrounding a simple letter ‘M’, I became better prepared for my public appearances in the maze & blue sweatshirt going forward.
Back to our post, if you look closely into the reflection on our fabulous Freemark Abbey wine bottle, you can see the score of 48 Iowa/24 Ohio. What a blissful way to see Ohio eat it badly… Oh-tee-doo, another one bites the dust! 🏈🍷GO BLUE!!!! 🏈🤗 -- All photos in my gallery & on my blog are captured on my iPhone.
Ann Arbor has once again been named the No. 1 college town in America by WalletHub! #GoBlue #UMalumni
Getting to hear Jamie Dimon discuss economic trends was fascinating. My personal favorite part was his announcement that @jpmorgan will be increasing their funding to the Detroit Entrepreneurs of Color Fund, a project that they took on in partnership with @uofmichigan Programs like the EOC Fund help to close systemic gaps in Detroit’s small business community. I’m excited to see how the program will grow!
#GoBlue #Entrepreneurship #Detroit #PureMichigan #GradSchool #SupportLocalBusiness #SmarterFaster
User Image wchcs Posted: Dec 15, 2017 4:50 PM (UTC)
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wchcs 1h ago
These four-legged deputies from Fayette, Pickaway, and Ross Counties came together to keep WHS a safe and drug free environment. We thank them (and their two-legged friends) for working together to keep the #BlueLions safe!

#WCHCS #WCH #WashingtonCourtHouse #Washington #Court #House #Fayette #FayCo #Ohio #OH #SmallTown #Local #Blue #Lions #GoBlue #GoBigBlue
#ThinBlueLine #LEO #Sheriff #Canine #Deputy #Dog #DogsOfInstagram #GermanShepherd #Doggo #TBL #OhioEd #MyOhioClassroom
User Image cbtownside Posted: Dec 15, 2017 4:42 PM (UTC)

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Congratulations to our NRV November agents of the month! Way to go! 🏠 #coldwellbanker #goblue #cbtownside #realestate #realtor
User Image cbtownside Posted: Dec 15, 2017 4:40 PM (UTC)

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Hard work pays off! Congratulations to our November Agent of the Month from our Roanoke office, Kim Cook! 🏡 #coldwellbanker #goblue #cbtownside #realestate #realtor

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