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"I became a Mountain Chick after my first summit of Rainier. I enjoy the 1am calm and beauty of the dark mountain. I can't get enough of that moment when the blue white snow of the mountain starts to turn a light yellow shade of pink. I look around and see the sun rising on the horizon, painting the mountain in alpenglow. This is why I am here. That moment is why I wake up at midnight and climb for hours. The summit is amazing, but it's the sunrise and the alpenglow that keeps me mountaineering." - @helen_hikes
Let us know what makes you a Mountain Chick by sending us a DM with your story! Stay tuned later today as we share upcoming hikes via our Instagram Story✨🙌. Ending October with a bang here @mtnchicks!
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SoCal: Women's Backpacking Class w/ REI, Oct 19 | Missouri: Beginners Backpacking Trip, Oct 20-22 | SoCal: Tahquitz Peak, Oct 21 | NorCal: HOWL-o-ween Hike, Oct 22 | Alberta: Grassi Lakes Hike, soft 22 | Colorado: Alder Bench Trail, Oct 22 | SoCal: Halloween Cleanup, Oct 28 | Washington: Mt Townsend Halloween Hike, Oct 28 | Arizona: 52 Hike Challenge + Mtn Chicks Take Sedona, Oct 28 | British Columbia: Halloween at St Marks, Oct 29
I’ve always considered myself a beach person, and I love warm summer days, but can I also be a snowy mountain person?? #northcascades #snow
adyjak_ 11m ago
Probably thinking about the beer I was gonna drink later or what to do with my hands in a picture. 🤷🏻‍♂️🍺
Alright, it's time for a leggings shoutout. I'm not usually one to spray about gear, but the leggings I'm wearing here are the greatest leggings that ever were and you should all own at least one pair. I have two of the same exact ones because they are just that amazing. They're super soft and stretchy, they fit like a dream, the waistband is the perfect height, and they have a cute hidden ankle pocket and a rad design on the hip. I live in these things. You guys should all head to the @3rdrocking website and get you a pair of their Orbit leggings. And no, they did not pay me for this post. I just need to spread the holy word. Good leggings are so hard to find for me, so I'm pretty excited about these miracle pants. 🙏🏼😌
Beep beep beep
Arrrr it's 6:20 am and definitely below 30°f. I struggle to get out of the tent but when I round the corner to the lake and see the morning sun light on the clouds, I knew it was worth it.
Hey thanks for all the stream-crossings and icy ascents, @scarpana and @backcountry 👌🏼
The look I get when I tell him the cook gets 4 pieces of bacon 🥓 and he only gets 2!! #plantwildroots #wildrootsrundeep
Deliverance involved some slabby shenanigans to smearing your feet and jumping to a jug, at which point you snag it, or you turn into a ninja trying not to hit the slab on the way down. This go, Ewan (@ewanjams) went for the latter, but just a few tries later, repeated the problem.

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