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Did not want to deadlift today. Not feeling it after only 2.5 hrs sleep. Blah!
Vid 1: 135kg single
Vid 2: 145kg single
This was followed 100kg by 5 sets of 6, then this hideous AMRAP (Vid 3)... of 8 + 0.75 + 0.5 w a drop = REKT... BUT... happy to have hit my last comp bench and deads this far out from next comp 🤘
Conversations in class today led to us talking about experiences of awe - "Have you ever felt so small in the world?" .

Standing on a cliff and looking over the vast landscape surrounding me in Norway was one of those times. .

Don't forget to look up from your screen every once in a while and take in the world around you. It's pretty spectacular sometimes :) #throwback #takemeback #nofilter
pwrliz 9m ago
I did pause squats and deads today but nothing truly remarkable happened so here's Tuesday's bench. 42.5kg (93.5lbs) paused for sets of 🖐🏼 Black and white because my old gym's colour scheme is triggering 🙃 #doublechingains #thebiggerthechinsthebiggerthetotal #videoqualityofdoom
Gonna be real with you. I go home and some of my family just love commenting on how 'broad' or 'big' I'm getting. All the time, and it isn't meant as a complement. Most of my family are really supportive, but there are those who just can't get their heads around the lifting thing. I get comments and jokes at my expense - not all the time, but juuust often enough to remind me every so often.
But I'm not doing it for them; I doing it for me. I'm not the strongest, but I feel strong. I'm not the proudest, but I'm confident. I have energy, I haven't been ill for 2 years. I fill my jeans and I can lift more than I ever thought i could. I'm so much MORE than I was 2 years ago, physically, professionally and personally. This is what I remind myself whenever I hear that I'm 'broad'. Not broad; MORE.
I imagine some of you might have unsupportive people in your lives who don't understand. Do it for YOU.
Went for a beautiful Hike/Run around Lake Mangamahoe tonight 👣 Sometimes getting out of the gym and actually getting out in Nature really helps me with clearing my head of any thoughts that may be running through my mind for a short while. I believe it's necessary to have a vice for ways to deal with things, and usually for me that is the gym, but you can never beat the outdoors and nature🌳🍁 As always wearing my favourite hoodie from @unbreakabletraining@strongheldnz Head over to both their pages to get yourself some cool gear! Wether it's powerlifting equipment or apparel you won't regret it! 😍
Independent woman, I don't KNEE-ed no man.
(Except Bruce. I need him) 🤷🏼‍♀️
I am literally just posting this cuz well DAT LIGHTING DOE!! 👌🏼 seriously though I am that swole I swear 😉 5x3 @ 90kg sumo
Yoooooo... I’m deceased. Not gonna take today’s bad training to heart. 4 days of back to back training is not joke. Gonna rest up and eat well in KL and then I’m coming back for more👌🏼 Last set of skw0ts for the week🍑 Never felt like I needed to rest this badly.

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Accurate!! 😂 Things are kind of nuts right now. Pretty stressed. Depression being a complete fucking arsehole. Alex said something to me the other week that stuck though; «Life is full of leaky ceilings". This is pretty damn true.
The human experience is basically a rollercoaster of highs and lows. Working my way back to "normal" from my absolute lowest was hard. It took so long. So although there are huge stresses at the moment, I'm coping. Which is a pretty big thing. Sometimes it's all about perspective. And coffee, obviously 😉☕
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Life has been pretty much kicking my ass lately. Everything has felt heavy for the past few weeks and also in the gym! Stepped in the gym yesterday with zero expectations and only seeking therapy! Managed to do 7x3x92,5 which was EASY AF. Slowly learning that comparison is the thief of joy and hoping to put aside my fears of what I should look like because I AM A POWERLIFTER. Ripped or not 💪🏾🏋🏾‍♀️ ps, sorry for the nipple flashes 😂 #girlswhopowerlift #deadlift #strongnotskinny #nomorefear
My favorite girl 💪🏼❤
Gårdagens knäböj känns i kroppen, både i ben & rump. Vilodag & städdag får ersätta träningen. Imorgon är vi på igen, en dag kvar sedan väntar 4 veckor i soffan! 🙄👻

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