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Sometimes I get all up in my feels and oh my gaawwwwd 😩
x.b.x97 14m ago
So I was scrolling through tumblr one day, and I ended up on this girls blog, her artwork was amazing, So I complimented her, we got talking and a week later, She sent me this!! I know I've posted it on my story but I mean, I just I can't get over it. If any of you have tumblr, please go give her a follow, reblog her amazing work and compliment her, she's so talented! Her blog is Lonelyy-musee.
P.S- if the girl who did this happens to see this, thanks for fixing my eyebrow! Love ya girl!
#talent #art #drawing #painting #tumblr
#lgbt #girlswholikegirls #girlswhokissgirls #single

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