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What a crazy hype this book has created but Oh my God, I was Disappointed.
This book is a mix of Gone Girl (slow writing, sometimes a drag), Woman in Cabin 10 ( mistaken/confused identities) and Girl on the Train (drunk, stalking and meddling woman) all put together.
Probably I have read too many Woman centric thrillers that I could guess the end but even then the book does not live up to the hype.
The main character, Anna Fox is a very bleak character, even after few chapters down, you dont end up feeling anything for her because personally, i found no depth in that character. She really puts people suffering from PTSD, Depression and Agoraphobia in a bad light and almost made me want to quit drinking Red wine. .
Reasons to Pick up this book? 🔸because youve been a victim of amazing marketing done by Harper Collins to promote this book.
Ive to give a big shout out to Harper Collins for their fabulous marketing team who have made this book a huge hype (and success )and will make people pick it up. Kudos! . QOTD: What did you think of this book? Would love to know your opinion. .
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User Image raulibai Posted: Feb 6, 2018 3:58 PM (UTC)
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La chica del Café Pai Pai. En la ventana, sostenía suavemente, casi acariciaba, una taza de café. Una taza de un dorado pálido, casi rosada y con la mirada quieta en el frente, respiraba despacio el mismo vapor que emanaba la taza de café. La calma de su cara hizo que bajara mi paso, no tenia miedo de resbalar con la nieve, no, tenia miedo de interrumpir su quietud, de alterar ese estado de belleza. Yo me paro, me pienso, me sacudo la nieve del paraguas y me armo de valor. Ahora me escondo tras un cristal y enfoco, pero decido que mañana cuando recuerde este momento, solo quiero ver el marco en el que se enmarcaba esa belleza y la belleza solo estara enmarcada en mi memoria. Entonces, desenfoco la figura y enfoco la nieve derretida del cristal. Ya te tengo recuerdo, cada minuto que pases en mi cabeza, te convertiré en mas bello. Madrid5/2/18. ——————- The girl in Café Pai Pai. In the window, he held gently, almost caressed, a cup of coffee. A pale gold cup color, almost pink, and with a quiet look on the front, breath slowly the same steam emanating from the coffee cup. The calmness of his face made me lower my step, I was not afraid of slide with the snow, no, I was afraid to interrupt his stillness, to alter that state of beauty. I stop, I think, I shake off the snow from the umbrella and I'm get full of courage. Now I hide behind a glass and focus, but I decide that tomorrow when I remember this moment, I just want to see the frame that framed that beauty, and beauty will only be framed in my memory. Then, I defocus the figure and focus the melted snow of the crystal. I already have you memory, every minute you spend in my head, I will make you more beautiful. Madrid5 / 2/18. #madrid #callesdemadrid #streetsofmadrid #nieva #snowing #lachicadelaventana #girlinthewindow #cafepaipai #mañanadeinvierno #wintermorning #diadenieve #snowingday #belleza #beauty
User Image boggessart Posted: Feb 4, 2018 6:47 AM (UTC)

6 Hudson
Foggy Windows
24” x 30”
Acrylic on canvas
#lookingout #girlinthewindow #fineart

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