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If I would be with you you could stay over every night if you wanted. I would cook for you even tho I'm a terrible cook, I would cuddle you the whole day (and night) and I would just do whatever you would like me to do. If you were cold I would give you my jacket, if you were hungry in the middle of the night I would get you food, I would do anything for you ❤
‘’All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." -- Walt Disney I Knew we would find them Girls 🥂🍀✔️CheeeeeeeeCk. And then there are moments when you step back... take a deep Breath and be happy your truly alive Wow 😮 #northernlights #birthdayadventurescontinue #aurora #lightshow #girlfriends #onceinalifetime #magicshithappens #disneyquotestoliveby #auroraborealis

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