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warmpears 114w ago
ROME Bound ✈️ in a few weeks. I can't wait! I hear the heat & humidity is unreal this year 👌😌 #WhoCaresItsRome ❤️ #thisishowWeRome
#ggitalia11 #ggitalia12 #ggitalia13 #ggitalia14 #MyTinyAtlas
warmpears 266w ago
because he wants to be there for her and maybe being close to her makes him feel alive... Or maybe this is a perfect angle for him so he can look down her blouse.
warmpears 266w ago
you fought hard. (made everyone proud) RIP, querido...
warmpears 266w ago
summer is ending. It's been good to me and it's also brought me to my knees a couple times. - looking forward to the winds changing ...